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The Routine That'll Keep You Glowing Into Fall

It has begun, and almost seemingly overnight, the temperature has dropped and the crisp fall weather has officially descended upon us. And even though the changing of seasons happens multiple times a year, every single year, we still get caught off guard each time. If you are a *true* skincare nerd, you've already initiated a transition from your summer routine over to a cold-weather regimen. But if your skincare shift feels a bit more of a last-minute swap, we're here to help. In fact, we'll do you one better. We're going to share with you the top treatments and skincare products you'll want to use in rotation to boost radiance and keep your complexion looking fresh throughout fall and beyond. So, grab yourself a PSL and let's get into it.

Fall Skincare Faves

If it's starting to seem like every blogger and influencer is talking about vitamin C these days, that's because they are. Vitamin C is one of the most sought-after antioxidants you can add to your morning routine. So much so that we've written a whole blog spotlighting the benefits of this powerhouse. Unfortunately, not all vitamin C serums or treatments actually deliver results. That's because the key ingredient, L-Ascorbic Acid, is very temperamental. If it's not formulated and bottled correctly it can be rendered useless. This is what makes Super C so unique. Our UV-protected bottle houses 100% powdered L-Ascorbic Acid making it compatible with any moisturizer!

If you're looking for a one-and-done facial in a bottle, Platinum Renewal Complex is for you. This regenerative serum contains three different acids to exfoliate, hydrate and restore skin radiance. And finally, protect all of your hard work with daily sunscreen application. No matter the weather forecast, SPF 30 is a must for all skin types, genders and tones. Thankfully, our Sunscreen Lotion SPF 30 leaves zero white cast while melting into the skin for a barely-there finish. You'll definitely want to stock up and snag a few bottles this season. 

Top Treatments for Fall

By now, you already know our devotion towards the Miracle 10 Facial Peel💁‍♀️ Following a facial schedule to support your skin health is always a great idea but even more so when the weather begins to cool. During these seasonal transitions, your skin may begin to feel tight/ more dry than usual, a little lacklustre and maybe even problematic. Visiting MD Beauty Clinic or your local spa for a Facial Peel every 1-2 months will aid your complexion during this transition.

Fall is the perfect time to restart your IPL sessions. We love IPL for so many reasons and one of our favourite benefits involves reducing skin discolouration like age spots, sun damage and scarring. And for our more advanced glow getters, you'll definitely want to hit up MD Beauty Clinic for a Morpheus8 treatment. This microneedling beauty booster does it all: targets fine lines, hyperpigmentation, combats acne and, most importantly, amps up your glow.


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