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Spring & Summer 2021 Latest Trends

Spring & Summer 2021 Latest Trends
Spring has definitely landed and we're just as excited to celebrate the warmth with you. We don't know about you but we're so ready to soak up some much-needed Vitamin D (with SPF protection, of course) and welcome these warmer temperatures with open arms. The weather isn't the only thing we've got our eyes on. Spring trends have been booming since the start of the season and we're so ready to turn over a new leaf. From fashion and accessories to the latest beauty and skincare tips, we've rounded up the 2021 Spring & Summer trends that we can't get enough of.

Fashion Trends 

Finally. Our Canadian winter has come to a halt for the year (although, we don't want to jinx anything just yet!). We're getting ready to set aside the winter jackets and layered thermals to make way for the our lighter wardrobe. We know it can be just as hard to keep up with the newest fashion trends let alone skincare advice but we're here to make this a smooth transition. It's time to break up with fast fashion and start shopping for timeless pieces. That's why we got busy and found some of the latest fashion trends that are more likely wearable for the next years. 

Flared Pants 

 flared pants

Let's start the new season strong with some good ol' high-waisted straight-legged trousers and jeans. This Spring, skinny jeans are "out" and if you're looking to nail this trend, make room for some oversized straight-legged trousers. Pair it with a neutral or sorbet-coloured top (you do you) and this timeless piece can be worn for any occasion. We're loving the chic but comfortable look!

Silk Scarves


This 90's fashion trend is back and we are loving it! Chances are, you have a silk scarf hiding deep within your closet so time to dig it out and accessorize. Try wrapping it around your ponytail as a hair accessory. Or, rock it tied around your neck to look extra chic. We've even seen it wrapped around the handles of your fave handbag. Give it a try, it's the perfect way to add some oomph to your look. 

Suit Sets


If there is one thing dominating the fashion world right now it would be the pastel-coloured suit set! Look for an oversized fit to lockdown the comfort element and the rest will naturally fall into place. A suit set is definitely future-proof and can be styled casually for brunch or dressed-up for a fancier occasion. We love seeing this trend in a pale yellow, blush and robins-egg blue. 

Pastel Pieces


On that note, we're out with the neutral, bland tones and totally in with the pastel hues. This shift from neutral to colourful is a sign of the times as the weather warms and hope is re. time to add some colour into your wardrobe with some much-needed lavender, magenta, blues, and yellows! Best believe that every summer these colours are your best friends. 

Skincare & Makeup Trends

There's only 82 days until the first day of summer so why not take this opportunity to test out some mask-friendly makeup trends suited for warmer climates. Hands up if you haven't done a full face of makeup since the beginning of the year. We're still very much into the the natural no-makeup makeup look and accentuating our natural features but the sunshine always inspires us to add brighter colours into the mix. 

TikTok Trends

Tiktok has been the source of many trendy makeup looks but that doesn't mean you need to be on the app to get the inside scoop. We're here to share with you all of the tips and tricks that have come out of the app like softer, cream blushes and glass-like skin. We're still skipping the full coverage foundations and sticking to our tinted moisturizers. Cream and gel-based formulas have been taking the makeup industry by storm since these products glide and blend with ease - no skill required! Less is more and TikTokers continue to push the minimalistic makeup looks that melt into your skin for the ultimate dewy, glow. 

Blushing All Summer 

Trends come and go but blush has never left the building. Adding a touch of blush is one of our favourite steps in our daily makeup routine. A pop of peach and pink on the cheeks (making sure to blend seamlessly into your skin) will add a healthy glow to your complexion. Pair it with neutral washes on the eyes to give you that simple no-makeup makeup look. 

Soap Brows 

Have you been seeing this brow trend lately? The "soap brow" has been plastered on all makeup tutorials and Instagram posts from influencers and makeup artists alike. This trend has been dominating the 2021 makeup scene as it reveals a more natural and fluffy eyebrow with out any stiffness. It's exactly what it sounds like... Soap brows refer to the method used to create an affordable DIY eyebrow lamination using, you guessed it, soap! In place of using an eyebrow gel, you'd purchase a bar of soap (clear is preferred) and a spoolie brush. You spray the spoolie with a spritz of your fave setting spray (but honestly, a little water will also do the trick!), massage it into the soap bar and lightly fluff up the brows. This makeup trick sets the brows for the entire day! 

Sun Protection

Quarantine has given us plenty of time to work overtime in achieving the glowing skin we've been after. Now with warmer weather fast approaching, we're looking at all of the products we require to maintain a healthy complexion. This will always and forever include sunscreen. Many TikTok videos, IG Reels and blog posts are on the hunt for the ultimate SPF 30. We may be biased here, but we think our's is the crème de la crème. Thanks to the dry-touch formula, it's perfect under makeup as it absorbs any excess oil that may creep up during a hot day. Did we mention there's no white cast?
We always recommend applying sunscreen twice a day, every day. Taking the time to protect your skin from both UVA and UVB rays can help to prevent sun damage, wrinkles, and early signs of ageing. If there are two things you need in your bag at all times, make sure it's your face mask and SPF 30. Happy Spring! 


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