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Why You Need To Start Using Retinol On Your Body

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Hyperpigmentation doesn't discriminate. Almost everyone has it. And regardless of whether you've spotted it on your face or body, with its treatment comes some key universal skincare rules. If you're one of our long-time Glow Getters then we bet you're already an expert. Seriously! Diligent protection against UVA & UVB rays, the application of a high-quality topical Vitamin C treatment and the avoidance of any further irritation to active spots... You've heard us preach these top tips for healthy skin time and again. There is, however, one skincare query that has recently picked up traction and we're so ready to spill the tea: Can you apply retinol to areas of your body to treat spots and bumps? And are there risks involved? If treating hyperpigmentation is the bane of your existence and the object of all your desires, then this one is for you.

If you're new to skincare and haven't already learnt of the magical forces encapsulated in retinol, then here's a quick recap: Retinol is a Vitamin A compound that does a lot more than treat an uneven skin tone. It's known to work deep under the many layers of our skin to tackle the cause of acne, while also slowing the formation of wrinkles. This is done by encouraging the turnover of skin cells, something that naturally slows as we age. With consistent use of a quality retinol treatment, you're left with a smoother, brighter and more even complexion. Here at Miracle 10, we've developed two strengths that work for nearly all skin types and concerns. Our Retinol 30 and Retinol 60 (0.30% and 0.60% retinyl palmitate) are formulated with our very own patented encapsulation system to ensure 100% efficacy of the active ingredients. You see, retinol is a potent ingredient that should be approached with caution regardless of where it's applied. That's why we always recommend starting at our lowest percentage and working your way up if need be. 

So, what's the deal? Can you apply retinol to the skin on your body? While hyperpigmentation can be difficult to treat, adding a pump or two of your Retinol 30 or 60 to your body routine can definitely make an impact. Vitamin A is an excellent treatment for keratosis pilaris or chicken skin, sun damage, and acne scars. But before you begin smothering your body with retinol, consider giving your body care routine a refresh:

  1. When in the shower, lather your body with our Body Cleanser to wash away any dirt or impurities of the day. 

  2. Once or twice a week, on days when you're not using retinol, reach for our Body Polish for gentle physical exfoliation. 

  3. Post shower, apply 1 to 2 pumps of Retinol 30 directly onto the skin or better yet, mix it into your favourite body lotion to dilute its strength for less chance of irritation. Carefully massage it to the areas you are looking to treat like your arms, chest and back.

  4. When only treating a few spots, use it as a spot treatment!

  5. Apply to clean, dry skin in the evening only. Make sure to apply your SPF 30 in the morning!

Hyperpigmentation is one of the most common skin concerns out there. If you’re struggling with it, you are far from alone! Do you add retinol to your body lotion? Let us know in the comments below.


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    I love the Body Silk. It leaves your skin smooth with a hint of shilne.
    Not greasy as other products. It’s amazing.

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