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What is Skin Radiance?

What is Skin Radiance?

While it’s always been an important consideration for a lot of skincare and beauty enthusiasts, over the past few years we’ve come to really witness the apex of the glowing skin trend. We love seeing different takes on luminous skin in our Instagram feed and the many amazing looks created with highlighters, luminizers, and strobe creams. But if we take it a step back, is it possible to achieve glowing skin at a foundational level, before we even apply makeup? And what is skin radiance?

Skin radiance is the glowy, vibrant look we associate with healthy, well-rested skin. Skin tone, luminosity, firmness, and discolouration (think dark circles and sun damage) can all have an effect on the natural appearance of radiant skin. The best way to enhance it is to address these common concerns using a comprehensive approach to skincare.

That means starting with and following a straightforward skincare routine each and every day. Think about it in the same way as you would an exercise routine for the rest of your body: It’s important to gently challenge the skin each day in order to improve the appearance of dewiness, elasticity, and radiance. A daily regime that covers cleansing, exfoliating or toning, moisturizing, and protecting with SPF should be considered your radiant skin bedrock.

Your approach to the second step in that routine can really amp up your results. Exfoliation is a must when it comes to a healthy skin glow, and there are two ways you can go about it for optimum results. Chemical exfoliants like glycol acid; one of the star ingredients of Solution II reduce the build up of skin-dulling dead cells and also improve the appearance of sun damage. A physical exfoliant like Enzyme provides deep exfoliation with its soft-scrub particles and gentle but effective enzyme formulation. Enzyme can even be reactivated using a small amount of Toner or Solution with an additional 2-3 minute massage.

If you’re looking for other ways to enhance skin radiance, powerful booster products are the way to go. For radiant results, we love Super C, Retinol, and Botanical Oil Concentrate. In their own way, each of these boosters help to repair the look of damaged skin and bring healthy, glowing cells to the fore. One note about Super Cラwhile this vitamin C powder has a skin brightening effect like no other, it should be mixed with an AHA product for best results and should not be used the same night you use Retinol Treatment.

And as always, some of the best advice for the most glowing and healthy-looking skin comes from the inside out. Whenever you can, get a restful night’s sleep and stay hydrated all day long by remembering to drink water.


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