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This Is the Perfect Age to Start Investing in Skincare


It seems like it happens overnight. You wake up one morning and notice a few extra details looking back at you in the mirror. Discolouration and sun spots, fine lines and sagginess... We know signs of ageing well, after all, they're inevitable. While we like to think of these distinctions as beautiful reminders of the life we've led, we understand that some may seek to slow down this process as much as possible - you do you! We have Glow Getters from all walks of life seeking our guidance at all ages. If you're new to skincare - Welcome! We've got so much to share with you. If ageing gracefully is your primary goal; how do you know if it's too late to improve your skin's radiance? 

The reality is there isn't a single point in your life that determines whether you're "ready or not" to invest in high-quality skincare. In fact, you're never too late to join the party. Sure, implementing a well-rounded routine during your 20s can aid in the prevention of deeper lines from developing faster than someone without a routine, but it's never too late to begin caring for your skin. See, it's during your late 20s when your body slows down its production of collagen. This is when we tend to overdramatize the loss of our skin's youthful exuberance. That's because collagen is responsible for boosting the suppleness and plumpness of your skin and the older we get, the slower the production of these key ingredients can be. It's also why we recommended our younger Glow Getters to start investing in a well-rounded skincare routine in their early 20's. However, if you've long passed a 20th birthday, don't fret - it's never too late to start. Developing a skincare routine for yourself is important for the vitality of your skin no matter the age. 

Regardless of your age group, tone or skin needs, a solid skincare routine consists of: 

1. Cleanser 

2. Toner or exfoliant 

3. Treatment product 

4. Moisturizer 

5. SPF30

Depending on your skin type, these products and the ingredients used will vary from person to person. For our acne-prone friends, you're going to love our Solution. It's infused with glycolic and salicylic acid for the ultimate glow. And for our delicate-skinned beauties, give our Stem Cell Serum a try. It's like a drink of water for your skin! One element that always rings true no matter your age is the importance of sunscreen application. The sun and many other environmental factors are key triggers for early signs of ageing. Without incorporating SPF into your routine, your skincare regimen and add-on treatments would essentially be useless. We recommend applying 2 teaspoons (or two-finger lengths) of SPF 30 on your face and neck every 1-3 hours and avoiding being under direct sunlight for too long.  

Following a skincare routine isn't the only solution to addressing your skin concerns. Our friends over at MD Beauty Clinic offer a variety of skin rejuvenation treatments to boost plumpness, increase collagen production and improve radiance. If you're also wondering when it's time to invest in non-surgical treatments like injectables and peels, look no further! They've written a full blog post breaking down their treatments based on your age group. Read more about it here.

So, when exactly is the perfect age to start investing in skincare? NOW. Shoot us a direct message on our Instagram account or email us at to gain some one-on-one skincare guidance. And for our local beauties, visit us at one of our two boutique locations in Ontario to speak with a Skincare Expert. Let's get your skin looking and feeling its best today!


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