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The Glow Getter Spotlight: Taylor Ranta

Taylor Ranta is a graphic designer living in downtown Toronto. A lover of travelling, design and photography, he shares these interests on his Instagram @taylorranta. When he’s not working or taking photos of his favourite skincare products and fragrances, he’s out with his friends at a cocktail bar downtown or watching movies with a glass of prosecco.
What’s your current skincare routine? Are you someone who likes to follow each skincare step every night? What are some of your favourite Miracle 10 products to use?

I personally look forward to my skincare routine every morning and night, so I definitely like to follow each step. My skin is more on the normal/dry side, so in the morning, I cleanse with Cleanser II. Then I apply the Maskwhich helps wake me up and feel invigorated. It’s perfect for when my skin is feeling dry, or congested. I love to put it on while listening to classical music on Spotify. Then I’ll rinse the mask off while I shower. Once I’m out of the shower, I apply Solution II with a cotton pad, and put on a sheet mask while I let my hair dry. After about 15 minutes, I take the sheet mask off and apply a vitamin c serum, then oil, and moisturizer mixed with the Sunscreen Lotion SPF 30.

My nighttime skincare routine is what I look forward to most, as it’s my time to unwind and relax. I cleanse with Cleanser II, often twice to make sure my skin is clean after a long day. I then apply the Renewal Complex, which is hands down my favourite Miracle 10 product. No matter what condition my skin is in, I can always rely on it. After I let that sink in, every other night I apply the Stem Cell Serumanother amazing product that has transformed my skin. Then I’ll follow up with a moisturizer and I’m off to bed!

Do you have any beauty/skincare hacks or tips that have upped your beauty game?

Masks! I do a mask every day, and while many say it can be overkill, I’ve noticed my skin is much more consistently clear and glowing when I use a mask every day. Plus, it feels nice to be a little indulgent.

Acids have changed my skin as well. My first Miracle 10 product was the AHA Gel I, which I immediately fell in love with in 2016. My skin can handle acids pretty well, so now I rely on the Renewal Complex to keep my skin glowing. I can’t live without acids in my routine!

When it comes to my skincare application, patting everything in instead of rubbing helps keep my skin calm and less irritated, and evenly distributes the products perfectly.

What’s currently in your bag? (beauty and non-beauty related) What things must you always have immediate access to throughout the day?

Usually I have my cardholder, as I find regular wallets to be too bulky. I have to have Aquaphor or Vaseline for my lips on me at all times. I also like to decant some of my cologne into mini spray bottles and carry whatever I’m wearing with me. I like to bring the Rejuvenating Mist with me because it’s small enough and makes me feel refreshed. Also my keys, and a pen because you never know when you’ll need one.

What’s something that no one really knows about you?

I’m a very private person, so I suppose there are several things people don’t really know about me. Some things I don’t really share on my Instagram are that I’m a huge fan of horror movies and video games, and I spend a lot of my free time watching/playing both.

Also, I love astrology. I’m a Pisces sun, as is my mother, and she’s the one who initially got me into it as a kid. It’s something fun to talk about with people, whether taken seriously or not, and I never forget someone’s sign once I know it.

Here at Miracle 10, we love to define a Glow Getter as someone who isn’t afraid to be their true authentic self. In your words, what does it mean to be a Glow Getter?

I’d have to agree with not being afraid to be their true authentic self. Someone who is unapologetically themselves, and stands for what they believe in. And is glowing while doing it, on the inside and outside, haha. 


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