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Summer Skincare Survival

Summer Skincare Survival
If you're living in Toronto like us, you know far too well the muggy challenges we've been faced with on the daily. Sticky, humid weather = sweaty, oily skin glands (not cute). That's why we want to help your skin survive this climate change. You know, before summer weather slips through our fingers. 30-degree weather and yet, doesn't it feel like winter was just last week? So here's how you can transition your skincare for summer weather and survive it.

Since we all sweat more throughout the summer, you may feel inclined to cleanse your skin more frequently. Although midday cleanses may feel super refreshing, it could cause a lack in hydration to your face and body. Look for a gentle cleanser that will still keep some moisture to the skin post-wash. You'll also want to pair it with a lighter moisturizer that will boost hydration while allowing your skin to breathe.

For those nights when your skin needs some significant TLC, we recommend applying a pore-refining clay mask. You'll want to use something that will not only refresh and plump up the skin but also a treatment that will cleanse and tighten your pores.

One common misconception we hear frequently surrounds the use of retinoid products during the warmer months. Applying a retinol treatment is totally doable in the summer, as long as you're diligent with your sun protection. You'll also want to stick to applying your treatment at night since it's said that the UV rays can actually make the retinoids less effective.

Did someone say sun protection? We couldn't possibly talk about summer skincare survival without the most important skincare step... Sunscreen! Sunscreen for your face and body is crucial throughout all weather conditions but the summer sun definitely did not come out to play this year. We always recommend using a broad spectrum SPF 30 or higher to make sure you're covered. And don't forget to reapply every two hours, especially if you're out and about all day long. One area on our body we somehow always forget to apply sunscreen is our lips! Look for an SPF infused lip balm for easy application throughout the day.


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