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Spring Skincare Picks


It's official. We spring forward in 5 days' time to an extra hour of fresh air and sunshine. Sure, we'll lose an hour of beauty sleep but we'll take it if it means we get to spend more time relishing in the taste of spring. While you're updating all of your devices for daylight savings time, why not give your skincare collection a refresh to match the season. After months of freezing temperatures, some of us are left treating dehydrated and irritated skin. And while we welcome warmer weather with arms wide open, we need to prepare our skin before it attempts to adapt to the environmental changes that await us. To get our skincare routine springtime ready, we've looked to you, our Glow Getters, to tell us which products make the cut. Did you know that you can earn 100 Glow Points for every review you make?! We filtered through your wonderful reviews and rounded up the top spring picks you need to add to your routine this season.

Super C 

More sunshine? Yes, please! But, not without some SPF protection. You see, dark spots and hyperpigmentation tend to develop more when exposed to UVA & UVB rays. This is why we like to recommend mixing your Super C with your fave moisturizer (ours is Light Serum!) in the AM. Not only does Vitamin C help to block further oxidation with existing dark spots but it also has potent anti-inflammatory properties. Talk about a golden ticket for even-toned skin.

Super C is seriously something special, and we've got the receipts to back it up!



Botanical Oil 

It's time you start taking advantage of your evening routine by elevating it with one of our most sought-after boosters: Botanical Oil. They say the best skincare routine is the one that leaves you looking like a glazed donut and this is the best way to achieve that look! Botanical Oil is our golden elixir that's jam-packed with all the essential nutrients your skin needs for deep hydration and protection. It works by specifically targeting dry and flaky skin leaving it smooth, hydrated, and supple. 

Don't believe us? Just ask Nadia:


Body Silk 

The team at the office is beyond excited to pack up our winter gear and pull out spring dresses. But before we bare all, we want to ensure our skin is soft and glowing. Thankfully, our Body Silk is sure to keep your skin in top shape all year round! It's infused with 2% niacinamide which helps to break down any dead skin buildup while deeply hydrating the skin. 

We're so obsessed with this delicious body moisturizer and it turns out, you are too!


Renewal Complex

If you weren't already, start exfoliating. There may be no better feeling than sloughing away all the built-up debris on your face but do it with our top-of-the-line Platinum Renewal Complex. It's a powerful chemical exfoliant that does just the trick. We've formulated it with 3 different types of exfoliants (glycolic, salicylic, and succinic acid) to minimize excess oil production, reduce the appearance of dark spots and amp up the glow.

Product review of renewal complex by Miracle 10


Glow Finish Bronzing Powder

New season, same bronzer! Nothing beats a quality bronzer like our Glow Finish Bronzing Powder. It gives us just the right amount of shimmer and that "glow from within" we want this season. Apply a little bronzer on your nose, cheekbones and jawbone for that sun-kissed look.

Our Glow Getters can't rave enough about it. It's the perfect finish for a night out!



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