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Skincare Boosters for 3 Skin Blunders

Skincare Boosters for 3 Skin Blunders | Miracle 10 Skincare

Does it ever feel like your skin can use a boost? Sometimes our everyday skincare routine can't seem to overcome the unexpected curveballs brought on by our ever-changing skin. If you're faced with a dull, blemished complexion and your go-to products just aren't cutting it then it's time to bring in the boosters.

So What Exactly Is a Booster?

A skincare booster is a targeted product designed to specifically tackle certain concerns such as redness, fine lines, pore size and so much more. Today, personalized skincare is more popular than ever and all it takes are a few specialized products added to the shelf. For some, it's an anti-ageing serum; for others, it's an acne-fighter. And let's face it, we could all use a helping hand in the glow department. That's why we're kicking off the New Year uncovering 3 major skin blunders and how you can overcome them with a little boost (of course).

1. Winter Gloom

Don't let the winter blues dim your glow. During the colder months, pump up the Vitamin C in your skincare routine to boost the radiance of your skin. This powerhouse vitamin is a potent antioxidant proven to reduce the look of an uneven complexion, helping to reduce the look of discolouration and hyperpigmentation. And with its low sun protection factor, you can rest assured knowing that your skincare is always working (but don't skip your SPF for full sun protection—even in winter).

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2. Blemish-Be-Gone

Do you still find your skin recuperating from those post-New-Year-party breakouts? Time to bring out the Retinol. With its anti-inflammatory properties, Retinol has been proven to help diminish the look of acne. A multi-purpose powerhouse, Retinol will reduce the look of your blemishes while also preventing fine lines from deepening. This booster is a must-add to any skincare regime.

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3. Overnight Repair

Get gorgeous skin overnight—literally. While you sleep, your skin cells begin to renew, which allows you to get the maximum effect of your skincare treatments. Look for an all-in-one overnight booster to put in the overtime, like our Platinum Night Repair. It's infused with EMC10, our exclusive Epidermal Matrix Complex, and is engineered to target dehydrated, ageing skin all on its own. It’s that good!

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We all know breakouts have the worst timing (literally). Look for a treatment with Salicylic acid, like our Spot Solution, to dab onto those pesky pimples and reduce the inflammation. Keep a Spot Solution in your purse or at your desk to quickly handle the situation wherever, whenever.


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