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Our 5 Secrets to Aging Gracefully

Our 5 Secrets to Aging Gracefully

Instead of aging with worries or doubts, we choose to accept in all its glory. Age is just a number and not a factor to determine your everyday lifestyle. As your beauty industry experts, we’ve managed to make your life easier by listing five essentials tips to aging beautifully, no matter what age or skin type. Thank us later!

  • 1. Minimizing your sun exposure

  • This secret is one to live by. Many trusted dermatologists have recommended to limit the time you spend exposing your skin to the sun. One big factor to consider is skin cancer. UV rays not only cause skin damage but accelerate the visible signs of aging. Anything from dark spots, sagging skin, redness and premature wrinkles can increase. This is where your daily dose of sunscreen comes in to play. The simple step of reapplying sunscreen when needed throughout your day is a brilliant way to keep your skin glowing, covered and ready for your future.

  • 2. Keeping hydrated
  • Hydration is the key to helping your skin stay firm and refreshed. When dehydrated, the skin mimics your behaviour. Without important regular elements, such as water, your skin can end up looking dry and dull, resulting in the appearance of often unwanted issues such as dark circles and fine lines. This is why products like Light Serum not only plump and help stimulate the skin but fight the visible signs of agingラwith the help of hydration of course.

  • 3. Laugh now, cry later
  • Turns out this little myth may actually be true. The act of laughing is proven to be a great form of stress relief. A great sense of humour can go a long way and can benefit to stimulate parts of your body such as your heart and muscles and can increase endorphins released by your brain. So save all those tears for later and enjoy the simple gems that life has to offer.
  • 4. Switching up your food options

    To keep your skin looking radiant, one secret weapon is a healthy lifestyle. This includes knowing which making sure your meals are packed with nutrients and being certain to drink lots of water like previously mentioned. Your body needs healthy, polyunsaturated fats (like Omega-3s) for your skin’s natural oil barrier, and in return it helps prevent the lack dehydration and volume loss. The only way you can get these essential fats is through your diet.

  • 5. Beauty rest

    We all have a chaotic schedule. And with our busy lifestyles, it may be difficult to take the proper time off as required. We sometimes tend to sacrifice our few hours of rest to be productive. Research shows that not getting enough sleep could impart the most negative effects to your skin. Our body responds to sleep deprivation like it does to stress: by releasing cortisol. This hormone damages collagen near the surface of the skin, which causes sagging and premature wrinklesラit can also target how much oil your skin produces, leading to enlarged pores and breakouts. So rest up and make it a point to get in at least seven hours of sleep every night. Like this post? Share on your favorite social media below.


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