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Longtime Glow Getters

Longtime Glow Getters
Here at Miracle 10, we're all about empowering you to actualize healthy, beautiful and glowing skin. That's something we believe everyone deserves. Who better to share their skincare experience than our real-life Glow Getters! That's right - we're spotlighting a few of our longtime Glow Getters and their personal Miracle 10 journeys! We spoke to 5 beautiful women to learn the skincare tips and tricks they follow to achieve the extraordinary results we're all looking for.

Hi, I'm Leah 👋 I am 39 and I have normal/maturing skin. I work as Vice President of Business Development & Marketing at Mercedes-Benz, Brampton. 

Tell us about your Miracle 10 journey 

When I was 32, I was diagnosed with throat cancer and had to get intense radiation treatments on my face and neck. As a result, I suffered tremendous skin damage and burns. The doctors told me the damage was permanent and the texture of my skin would harden drastically, in comparison to the rest of my face, which would also enhance the ageing process.
I started using Miracle 10 products and I fell in love with the results! Not only has it helped me maintain a radiant and youthful glow, but the radiation damage also appears much more minimal on my jawline, chin, mouth, and neck!

What's your AM & PM skincare routine like? 

My morning routine is composed of Cleanser II, Solution II, Platinum Face Lift, Platinum Neck Lift, and SPF 30
My night routine is Cleanser II, Solution II, AHA Gel mixed with Super C, rotating Retinol 30 on off days.

What are some of your favourite products? Do you have any tips and tricks to share?

One of my favourite products is Mask. I use it twice a week as a mini DYI spa-day at home. Removing it with a warm washcloth feels like heaven! 
My number one tip to achieve desired results with routine is consistency. Using the products daily really increased the results! I never go outdoors without my SPF on. It helps protect and keep my face and neck safe from exposure to the sun causing further damage and ageing. I love the non-greasy, easy to apply formula. I won’t use any other sunscreen on my face and neck. 
My results have been extraordinary! I truly love and believe in all the products. I admire and adore the fact that I am supporting a local Canadian-made, female-owned/run business, that doesn’t test on animals or include toxic ingredients. Thank you Miracle 10 for helping me and my skin fully recover and continue to glow into my 40's!

Hello, I'm Jan✨ I am 60 and generally tend to have oily skin. Since I have been using Miracle 10, I frequently get compliments on my skin. I have several friends who now use it and swear by it!

Do you have a specific daily routine? 

In the shower, I cleanse with Cleanser II. When I get out, I tone with Solution II and use Platinum Eye Lift and Face Lift. Once a week, I use Retinol before my Face Lift. Also, once a week after cleansing, I use the Enzyme scrub. I tend to switch to Rich Moisture a few times a week and mix it with Super C powder. I use SPF 30 on top of my moisturizer. In the summer I use the Light Serum because my skin is not as dry as in the winter. 

What are some of your Miracle 10 favourite products? 

Enzyme Scrub and Solution!

Are there any tips or tricks you use to achieve your desired results? 

I use the Mask once a week in the evening and always cleanse, tone, and use eye cream and night cream before bed.

Hi there, I'm Trish💖 I’m a young 42 years old. I love vintage housewares and fashion (have yet to meet a “Dynasty” dress I wouldn’t rock), as well as my family and friends. I believe in community over everything and can’t wait to hug all of my people again.

What is something skin-related that you have struggled with the most?

I have very tight pores. Stop complaining, I know. But the challenge that comes along with that is that when something “gets in there” It’s very hard to get it out. The result is little bumps on my nose and across my forehead. 
Side note: Delighted to share that since using Miracle 10 products (and going for peels), those bumps are gone and my skin is super smooth! The texture has never been better.

 Do you have a specific daily routine that you live by? 

My routine is a three-day cycle. The mornings are all the same. Moisturizer + Botanical Oil Concentrate. I love layering them. I wish I could say I apply sunscreen every day, but I don’t. 
The evening is where things get exciting. After washing my face I apply Solution I with a reusable cotton pad. Then I apply either AHA Gel, Renewal Complex or Retinol 30. If I want to glow the next day, I add some Super C to either the AHA Gel or the Renewal Complex. It’s like magic. After the treatments, I apply my Eye Lift, Neck Lift and Botanical Oil Concentrate each day. I like to gently press the oil into my skin. Every weekend I use the Enzyme Scrub and Mask combo — a lovely evening ritual to banish those Sunday Scaries.

What are some of your go-to Miracle 10 products? 

Oh gosh. It’s hard to choose favourites. The first product I ever used was the SPF 30. I’m listing it as #1 because it’s a dream. My skin doesn’t love sunscreen and it is hands down the best I’ve ever used. Not greasy and no shine!
My #2? Solution I - I love it and don’t feel like it’s getting enough attention. 

Are there any tips or tricks you use to achieve your desired results? 

I have two! 1. Use a small paintbrush to apply your Mask. It creates a very spa-like experience at home 
2. Get yourself some old-school sweatbands for your wrists and wear them during your daily skincare routine. Say goodbye to dripping elbows and hello to a more enjoyable experience. Just trust me on this one! 

Hey, I'm Tracey 🥰 I am 48 (will be 49 in August!). I am a mom to a 27-year-old son and grandmother to a 5-year-old granddaughter. Most often people assume I am about 10-15 years younger, and usually assume my 5-year-old granddaughter is my daughter. I have aged, normal to oily skin.

Tell us about your Miracle 10 Journey.

I have been using Miracle 10 products since October 2016. I was initially referred by a work colleague for a Miracle 10 Facial Peel. At the time I was 44 and had maybe a total of two facials in my life, no filler, no botox, had never had a peel or used any specific skincare line, and rarely used sunscreen!
I have never worn much make-up, have never worn foundation, typically an eyeliner and mascara girl but have lived a fairly healthy lifestyle of eating well and exercising. My skin was pretty good but super oily (certainly ageing) and sometimes felt dull. It made me feel like I looked old and tired. I loved the peel and saw an improvement immediately. I bought the products they used and were recommended and within two to three months my skin was radiant, glowing, and felt so soft! I continued to go in for the peel every two months (I switched to monthly eventually), followed my current routine while adding new Miracle 10 products to it.

I moved to Chicago two years ago and pre-pandemic continued to visit The Plastic Surgery Clinic every one to two months for my peels whenever I would come back to visit my family. During COVID-19, my visits home have been less frequent but I have been able to visit on two occasions and secured my peel appointment after my fourteen-day quarantine was complete. I have continued to order Miracle 10 products and have them delivered to my home here in Chicago; I just received a shipment yesterday; that process has been super easy and I am so thankful you ship to the US!  

What is your day-to-day skincare routine like? 

Day Routine:
Night Time Routine:
I alternate between products which I have found to be a good system.  
  • Cleanser, Solution, Eye Treatment, and Neck Lift always 
  • I then alternate nights using Retinol, AHA with Super C, Veil, followed by either Night Cream or Botanical Oil.  
  • 2 nights a week I also use Rich Moisture and Botanical Oil or will also do this when I travel or if my skin feels dry or tired.
  • I also use the Enzyme and Mask(with added Super C) at least once per week followed with just Botanical Oil. 
I have also started doing dermaplaning at home once a month since I can't have my favourite peel - which has helped allow the products to continue to do their job. I think the dermaplaning, in conjunction with the products, is super important. Although, maintaining it at home helps, it will never replace my Miracle 10 Facial Peel! I can't wait to be able to travel home once a month again so I can get back to this routine - and see my family of course!

What are some of your favourite Miracle 10 Products? 

It's hard to pick my favourite products as I think the combination is important since they all have different benefits. 
  1. I love Botanical Oil, I have fairly oily skin so would never have thought to add oil but I love it. I think it evens out my oily skin and makes it less shiny. 
  2. Fade Out is amazing for getting rid of any blemish marks, especially if I happen to get a pimple.
  3. Retinol always makes my skin feel brighter and is fantastic if I feel a breakout coming on or if I have one it clears it up immediately.  
  4. The Enzyme and Mask are a must and are a nice weekly "me time" treat. I also use Enzyme on my lips when they are feeling dry.
  5. The SPF is incredible, I love the matt finish it has and how it does not feel heavy or like you are even wearing it.  
The products, in general, are amazing! From someone who has never worn foundation mainly because I hate the feeling of anything heavy on my face or feeling like it can't breathe, the less stuff on my face the better. All of the products are so light it never feels like you are wearing anything. They are just silently working their magic!

Hi, I'm Penny☺️ I am a 65 years old entrepreneur who's been running a business for the last fifteen years (with two amazing business-sisters!).

What is your skin type and what products do you find that helps with your skin? 

My skin type is combination and very sensitive. I initially started using Miracle 10 AHA Cream & Super C once a week. I found that it helped with the way my complexion looked.

What does your daily skincare routine look like? 

My daily routine is Cleanser II, Toner, Stem Cell SerumEye Treatment and Moisture. I use Eye Lift at night, Renewal complex ( with Super C once a week), and Night. I also use Enzyme twice a week as well as Retinol 30 and Mask once a week. 

What are your favourite products? 

I cannot be without Stem Cell Serum and Eye Treatment. Especially since the COVID-19 pandemic and not being able to visit the clinic. 

What works best for you that you would like to share with others? 

I love using Eye Lift at night and the Eye Treatment in the morning. Not to mention, Stem Cell Serum is a must AM/PM. After applying serums, I usually do a facial massage. I like the way the products make me feel!


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