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Layering Skincare 101

Layering Skincare 101
Do you ever just stare at all of your skincare products with confusion? Which products were you supposed to use first, again? You'd think by now you would be a skincare yogi, but we get it. Remembering to use all of your skincare products in the correct order can get confusing. Does SPF go before or after your moisturizer? Was I supposed to use Eye Treatment in the morning and at night? Despite it being a lot to remember, layering skincare the right way is valuable if you're looking to reap the full benefits of all your amazing skincare products. 

The general rule of thumb is to begin with the thinnest consistency and work your way to the thickest. However, that too could be misleading if you've got quite the complex skincare collection. So how do you know if you've been following your regimen correctly? We're glad you asked.

Your AM Routine


It's always important to start the day off with a fresh face. Especially when changing your bed sheets isn't a chore you complete as often you'd like🤷 The dirt from your pillowcase can transfer onto your skin (along with sweat and other debris) and could end up clogging pores. Begin each morning with a clean slate and remove any potential acne-inducing bacteria from lingering.


Next up, apply a toner that's most appropriate for your skin type and ideally from the same company as your cleanser. This is because your cleanser and toner should work together in cleaning and balancing your skin. After washing your face, your pH levels are lowered in order to remove any dead skin and dirt buildup. Toner is vital for rebalancing your pH levels, which in turn, controls your sebum production and leaves you with a more even complexion💁


Once your pH levels are balanced, now is the perfect time to apply any corrective boosters or serums including any scarring or blemish treatments. We recommend saving any active ingredients for your night routine, specifically high doses of Vitamin A or C. These types of ingredients could cause your skin to become hypersensitive to the sun's UV rays if applied during the day.

Eye Cream 

Yes, eye cream should be applied during your AM and PM routines and here's why. Over time, the daily application of eye cream will help maintain the elasticity of the delicate skin around your eyes. Not to mention, it can even prevent fine lines from forming any earlier than necessary🙅‍♂️


We apply our non-comedogenic Sunscreen Lotion SPF 30 before any moisturizers or lotions because of its dry-touch formula. It's designed to absorb any excess oil, making it a perfect base for your makeup application.  Another great feature of our formulation is that it is water and sweat resistant and will retain SPF after 80 minutes of physical activity. Just make sure to apply your SPF 20-30 minutes before sun exposure, daily.


Everyone needs that go-to daily moisturizer, regardless of your skin type (looking at you, oily to combo gals). In fact, it's more important to use a moisturizer jam-packed with acne-fighting ingredients than it would be to skip this step entirely (please don't). Not only will your moisturizer add much-needed hydration but it will also act as a barrier from any environmental factors throughout the day.

Your PM Routine


After a long day, there's something so therapeutic in washing off your makeup. Next time you cleanse, try using a warm, damp washcloth to help loosen up any residual dirt or makeup. This little trick will also give you a gentle physical exfoliation. 


Now that you've been informed of how important toner is after cleansing, make sure not to forget it during your PM routine. Toner will turn your skin into the perfect base for all the goodies you're about to put on it. 


After rebalancing your skin, now is your chance to apply a corrective serum or active treatment (such a Retinol 60 or AHA Gel I) to put in some overtime while you sleep.  Overnight, your skin cells kick into recovery mode and begin to regenerate almost 3-4 times faster than it could during the day. This means treating it with active ingredients like Vitamin A, C and E right before bed will help boost collagen production while catching some zzz's(!!). These treatments can be layered and used on the same night without it being a problem for your skin, giving you an extra-dose of glow when you wake up.

Eye Cream

For your evening routine, look for an antioxidant-rich eye cream infused with peptides to combat darkness and texture. You'll only need about a pea-sized amount of product to cover your entire eye area. And remember to gently dab the cream using your ring finger. 

Bonus Tip: The sensitive skin around your lips can also benefit from your eye cream since they both share similar pore sizes. 

Night Cream

After applying all of those amazing products and treatments, you might be wondering why a night cream is still needed. Overnight, your skin loses moisture. Due to this water loss, your face is actually at its driest while you sleep and in desperate need of some hydration. Night creams are generally a thicker formulation infused with extra-hydrating ingredients compared to that of an average day cream. This makes it a longer-lasting moisturizer that's perfect to apply right before bed.


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    Hi Antonietta! Great questions. Advanced Miracle 10 users can actually layer those products, but for most people starting with an AHA twice a week and a retinol twice a week on alternating nights. You want to slowly work up to every other night for each. Super C can be added to any Miracle 10 cream or gel, we usually recommend adding it to your AHA. And finally, yes – avoid the eye area as this skin is quite delicate.

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    Antonietta Zita

    Can you share how to alternate aha and retinol creams and should these be separated from vitamin treatments? What areas should retinol be applied to? Should you avoid eye area?

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