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How You Can Totally Gift Skincare

How You Can Totally Gift Skincare

One of our most frequently asked questions is how to gift skincare that your friend or loved one will actually use (no re-gifting here). We totally see how gifting skincare could be a difficult feat. There are so many factors that come into play when purchasing skincare for yourself that it's almost impossible to know everyone's exact skin type (let alone any allergies). So here it is - the simplest guide to gifting skincare. You'll never run out of gift ideas again!


Relationship Level: Acquaintance

If you're shopping for someone that you know very little of, especially personal details like whether they even use skincare, this is for you. Play it safe and look for products labelled for all skin types. This removes any guessing and while providing you peace of mind that you won't be causing any major side-effects. Products like a gentle toner or a light moisturizer would be an easy pick but will still deliver a noticeable difference to their skin. And when in doubt? A well-formulated SPF always works.

Relationship Level: Bestie

Okay, let's face it... You've got many besties (you just met another one in the parking lot) but this bestie deserves a skincare product that is way cooler than a typical cleanser or toner. Choose a fun product that never goes out of style, like a facial mist, mask or scrub. Bonus points if you base your selection off their skin type, like an acne-fighting mask or a calming facial mist for dry skin.

Relationship Level: Ride or Die

When shopping for that someone special (looking at you, mom), it's only fitting that you choose a specialty product that will seriously WOW! Chances are you are familiar with their beauty habits and skin type which will help you select the perfect booster product to add to their regime. If your special someone deals with delicate/dry skin, look at gifting a repairing booster like our Botanical Oil Concentrate. If anti-aging is the #1 concern, introducing them to a Retinol Treatment will seriously take their regimen to the next level.


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