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How Much Product Should You Use?

How Much Product Should You Use?

You know when you go shopping and fall in love with the most expensive item in the store and then start to calculate the cost per use to justify to yourself that this is, in fact, an *iNVestMent* and will last you a long time before ever having to purchase a replacement?! Just us? Cool, cool...

We know we're not the only ones who go through this madness. And it seems to happen most often when we're about to buy some sort of beauty or skincare product that is priced beyond the average drugstore dupe. What if we told you that you're likely using way too much product during your skincare routine, using up all that goodness and $$$ far quicker than you should. That's why we took the time to break down how much product of each step in your AM & PM Miracle 10 routine you should be using. You can thank us later.

AM - Cleanser

1-2 pumps is more than enough to wash your skin every morning. Seeing as you did most of the cleansing work the night before, you're sole purpose is to gently cleanse the skin and wake up your sense.

PM - Cleanser

After a long day being out and about, you'll need 2-3 pumps of your cleanser to thoroughly wash away any dirt or makeup on your face. The best way to make sure you're not wasting any product while getting the best result is to massage and work the cleanser into the skin. You want the cleanser to stay on your skin for a few minutes to be able to reap the amazing antioxidant benefits of your cleanser.

AM & PM - Toner

Using a cotton pad, dispense no more than 4 pumps of your toner or solution onto it. Gently swipe the cotton pad over your skin, making sure not to pull or tug on your skin. Especially so around your eye area. 

AM & PM - Eye Cream

No more than half a pump of your Eye Treatment is enough to cover one eye. Remember that your eye area is super sensitive, so you'll want to warm the product between your ring fingers and gently pat all along the orbital bone. Less is more as the product can move around during the day and slowly make it's way into your eyes causing irritation. If using an eye cream that's in a jar like our Platinum Eye Lift, you won't need more than a dab the size of a pomegranate seed for each eye.

AM & PM - Moisturizer

We have a moisturizer perfect for each season and every skin type. If you're a lover of Light Serum, 2 pumps are more than enough to hydrate your face every morning. If you're using one of our jarred moisturizers like Veil or Platinum Face Lift, a dollop the size of a blueberry should do the job. 


Applying Sunscreen SPF 30 is something that should be done every morning all year round. A good rule of thumb is to dispense about a dime size into your palm to work into your face. If you are wearing an item of clothing that exposes your neck, the amount of a cherry should be enough to cover both your face and neck.

AM & PM - Boosters

Serums and face oils are always a good idea. When applying a serum like our regenerative Stem Cell Serum, 2 pumps is more than enough product to treat your skin. Any more would just be a waste of product! And since face oils are super rich and hydrating, 1 pump is enough to apply on top of your moisturizer to lock-in all of the skincare goodness.

PM - Activators

The perfect time to apply an activator like a retinol or AHA product is at night to help boost your skin's cell turnover. Whether layering or used every other night, 2 pumps of your Retinol 30, 60 or 90 is more than enough to disperse across your face. When applying your AHA Gel, 2 pumps will suffice unless mixing it in with your Super C. You'll want to follow a 1:4 ratio - 1 scoop of Super C to 4 parts of AHA Gel or Cream.


Face Mist: If you like to keep your skin refreshed throughout the day with a face mist, like our Rejuvenating Mist, 2-3 spritzes directed away from the face will do the trick without ruining your makeup.


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