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Glow Getter Spotlight: Sarah Sullivan

Glow Getter Spotlight: Sarah Sullivan

This week's Glow Getter Spotlight is a special one, as we wanted to hear from someone on the front lines who has been working tirelessly to manage the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. We're thrilled to share this profile of Sarah Sullivan, a nurse working in oncology and palliative care at a COVID-designated hospital. Our Director of Communications Elizabeth Lista came up with some unique questions for her, as this is no typical glow-getter profile! 

Her continued commitment to showing up at home, at work and for herself is so inspiring, and we're grateful for all of the work our healthcare workers are doing.  

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As a front line healthcare worker during COVID-19 I think it's safe to say your life looks very different than it did a few months ago. How has your job and your time with your family changed since the onset of the pandemic?

Front line nursing staff is being redeployed throughout the hospital to meet the increasing pandemic demands. That brings a lot of extra stress to an already stressful situation; what patient population will this day bring? Is today the day I potentially bring COVID home? It’s scary, but obviously all of the nurses are willing to help our colleagues, especially now. Both of my kiddos are home full-time, just like everyone else. We opted not to use the essential service daycare provided by the government, so like most families, we’re trying to balance school work, housework, and quality time. I’m grateful for the extra time with my family. 

We know that PPE can take a serious toll on your skin. Has this been the case for you? How has your skincare regime changed since having to wear all these extra gear? Any recommendations for other front line workers suffering from PPE-related skin conditions?

SO MUCH! We wear at least a surgical mask 24/7 at the hospital now (hello breakouts). I have stopped wearing face makeup (only mascara) during shifts.The constant moisture and rubbing of the mask is so irritating.

I find really cleansing my face after a shift (I use Cleanser II) and then Mask treatment really helps calm my skin down. Good exfoliation on my days off is key too, as it keeps the skin clear of debris (I use Solution II, AHA Gel I, and Enzyme).

Shift work can take a toll on all of our organ systems. Do you have any lifestyle or beauty hacks/tips for dealing with the effects of shift work?

I work mostly nights, to maximize time with my kids, and all I can say is hydrate, hydrate, and hydrate!! 

I always joke that once your kids are out of diapers you graduate from a diaper bag to a "mom bag." You may not carry diapers anymore, but you still carry a million other things to help a day out with kids go smoothly. What are one or two things that you have in your mom bag that are just for you?

I always have hand cream with me. Always! I’m constantly washing my hands, but now more then ever I’m suffering from dry and cracked skin. And sunscreen! You never know when that quick stop at the park is going to turn into an all day outdoor event. 

Is there something that is bringing you joy during these difficult times?

My kids and husband. They’re the light of my life, and reason why we’re all fighting so hard to stay safe. Also, online shopping - who doesn’t love their delivery person these days?

Here at Miracle 10, we love to define a Glow Getter as someone who isn’t afraid to be their true, authentic self. In your words, what does it mean to be a Glow Getter?

A glow getter is anyone who thrives in their own beauty. Flaunt it. No one else has what you’ve got!

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