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Glow Getter Spotlight: Nurse Lori

Glow Getter Spotlight: Nurse Lori
Meet Lori, a post-operation nurse at The Plastic Surgery Clinic. She's one of the most cheerful, light-hearted, and approachable nurses a patient could possibly ask for. Lori is dedicated to creating an inviting and comfortable environment for all of her patients by making sure they feel welcomed and appreciated. We're so thankful to have Lori as one of our biggest supporters and this month's Glow Getter. Sweet and simple is her approach to beauty and skincare. So, we happily sat down (virtually!) to chat about skincare, self-care and the tricks she practices to maintain her glow.

What’s your current skincare routine? Are you someone who likes to follow each skincare step every night? What are some of your favourite Miracle 10 products to use?

As a post-op nurse, I know the importance of following a well-regimented routine to achieve the best possible outcome! This is why I use and follow the Miracle 10 skincare routine morning and night! I have acne-prone skin which is the pits – hello, I’m not a teenager anymore, why is this happening?! Thankfully, my skin has improved so much since I started Miracle 10 skincare for acne-prone skin! Our medical estheticians are skincare experts – they have given me advice on which products will treat my issues and when and how to use them. The Miracle10 products have a solution for every skincare concern! 

I love our Retinol products. Retinol is a total superhero - it annihilates dirt, dead skin cells, and pimples! I use it a few times a week before bed, and as a spot treatment for the odd pimple.

Do you have any beauty/skincare hacks or tips that have upped your beauty game? 

Sunscreen mixed with moisturizer is amazing to keep the skin quenched and protected! I don’t love wearing makeup because it tends to congest my skin. And tbh, I like my patients to see me as me – no bells a whistle, just an ordinary person with an extraordinary passion for what I do!

What’s currently in your bag (beauty and non-beauty related)? What things must you always have immediate access to throughout the day?

Water bottle. Coffee pods. Travel size M10 Light Serum. Hand sanitizer. A power drill. 

What’s something that no one knows about you? 

Both my parents are retired photographers who ran their business out of my childhood home. My parents worked as a team – my dad behind the camera, and my mom beside him who would put on a show with props and singing and loud noises so the individuals in the photographs showcased their most natural smiles. On Saturday mornings I would often be woken up by the sound of my mom banging on an instrument or jumping around to get the clients to laugh and smile for the camera. It was just another day in the Robinson house! Natural is key! 

Here at Miracle 10, we love to define a Glow Getter as someone who isn’t afraid to be their true, authentic self. In your words, what does it mean to be a Glow Getter? 

Here’s the thing. We’ve all been hiding behind layers and layers of makeup. We can’t post anything without a beauty filter and we feel crappy scrolling through the touched-up faces and bodies on Insta – but why? How about we take care of ourselves and find our natural glow: sunscreen, a healthy and balanced diet, a proper sleep schedule, a bit of exercise, a good skincare routine. And what about the inner glow: meditation, mental health check-ins, and paying it forward.

All of this gives us our own, beautiful, natural glow! I know it sounds cheesy and lame – and hello, I use beauty filters – but I think it’s time we all get excited about our natural glow. YOU ALL GLOW, girls!  


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