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The Glow Getter Spotlight: Bridget Moser

The Glow Getter Spotlight: Bridget Moser
Bridget is a visual and performance artist who balances working at her favourite skincare brand in the entire world with making work for exhibitions that take her everywhere from Cleveland to Milan. She lives in downtown Toronto with her boyfriend and their beautiful rescue cat, Dusty. When she has time for herself, you can probably find her watching movies at the TIFF Lightbox, going to a dance show, or indulging her greatest passion, ordering delivery and not leaving the apartment (she's a Cancer).
Hey, stranger!✨ We're super excited to be featuring one of our very own Glow Getters for today's Spotlight. We're all dying to know how you were able to find your passion and how it allows you to be your most authentic self.

I think it was always there but I just never really thought it would work out. That's maybe not the most inspirational intro, but it's true! From the time I was probably about 15 the thing that always made me feel the most like myself was making art (and really bad art for a while) but I don't think I realistically expected it to be at the forefront of my life. Now that I'm in my 30's I feel really lucky that it is, maybe because there are so many things that I think about and I don't know how else to talk about them or express them outside of this weird thing that I do. There are times when it's stressful or nerve-wracking and things aren't working, but it still makes me feel excited to get up every day.

Sounds like being able to express yourself and your thoughts is super important to you and your art. So how have you been able to use beauty to help empower yourself during a performance?

It's really funny because when I'm doing a performance my preferred "look," let's say, is actually pretty neutral—foundation and a tiny amount of lip colour since my lips don't have a ton of pigment, unbrushed hair—and not what I generally try to do day-to-day. In performances, I move my body and face in ways that are definitely unflattering and so I don't really want to look cute (day-to-day I'm into being cute though, in a low key way). For a while in 2017 and 2018 I also thought it was funny for the look to be "no makeup except too much Fenty Beauty highlighter" but to be honest that's probably coming from a genuine place of loving that highlighter and finally having an excuse to wear too much of it.

But for sure the best part of a performance day, especially if I'm feeling super nervous, is when I do Enzyme and Mask in the morning. Somehow I manage to make time for it every time, which is nice because it's really relaxing and forces me to take a time-out, but also because my skin feels so good afterwards.

Spoken like a true #glowgetter💖 Social media can have its moments and we’ve all had times of self-doubt. What do you do to help you feel your most authentic self? 

I'm always kind of curious about this idea, and it could be that my feed is dominated by a lot of dogs and meme accounts, but one of my absolute favourite things is when friends and people I follow post casual selfies they've taken on the fly. I cannot smash that like fast enough. Like, oh wow, this person looks so cute today, or their outfit is so amazing, or look at those flowers they bought or this thing they're working on. Look at this small, tender moment I get to experience that I otherwise would have missed entirely. I think if anything that makes me feel less self-critical and more appreciative of the simple things I might overlook that can make life so nice. Post more selfies, everyone, you always look amazing and your friends love it.

As you know, here at Miracle 10, we’re all about embracing your inner Glow Getter. That’s by taking care of our skin to make sure it’s as healthy and as beautiful as it can be. What tips or tricks do you follow to make you feel your most beautiful and powerful?

For my whole life I have had very acne-prone skin, but also sensitive skin. Great and very exciting combo! After finally getting the right routine my skin has normalized, and even though I still tend to get hormonal breakouts (shout out Spot Solution, love you), I've shifted what I use to go from strictly managing oil and acne to doing what makes my skin healthy and happy. Obviously Retinol helps with all of the above and was basically invented by skincare angels in heaven. But I also can't live without the staples of my daily routine: Cleanser II, Solution I, Sunscreen and Light Serum.

When I travel for art events I always check a bag because I like to bring all of my favourite products with me. And for some reason, I prefer to bring everything full size (I hate convenience??). But that's probably helpful for the biggest tip, being able to adjust for seasons and climates. I'll be spending January in Banff this year where it's cold and super dry, so even though my skin is usually pretty happy with a light moisturizer, I'm going to need something like Moisture for my daily go-to. I like to have options and to be able to mix and match a bit. You might be surprised about what works best for your skin over time. I always shied away from more intense hydration in the past because it used to make me break out, but now in the winter, my skin loves it.

I've also heard a rumour that there's something miraculous for hands that's about to drop and I truly cannot wait another day for this to happen.

Quick! You’re running late for a very important art opening and you’ve got a few minutes to get ready... Do you: Apply a thick, bold coat of Mascara? A bright and unique lip colour? Or do you go out bare-faced and rock your natural beauty?

I would take 1 min for a very fast foundation application (my skin has a lot of red undertones thanks to genetics) and 1 min for mascara (my eyelashes are naturally really long and so even just a little mascara makes me go "yessss") and then I'm out the door and probably putting on a lipstick in the reflection of a car window on my way. Guys I've been trying really hard to do a gloss finish because I'm a millennial but it's just not for me. It's just not. I'm sorry. The closest I can do is satin. NARS Velvet Lip Glide forever.


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