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Glow Getter Spotlight: Bettina Bogar

Glow Getter Spotlight: Bettina Bogar

I’m a commercial photographer and creative director, based out of Los Angeles, California. Over the past decade my career has - physically - taken me all over the world and was lucky enough to work with some of the biggest brands in the beauty, lifestyle and fitness industry. As a result, my business has grown from a one-woman show to a full-service production company. What I love about having the ability to decide who we work with, is that we can grant more opportunities to female-identifying talent on set, therefore, change the industry standard.

You've had quite an exciting life, Bettina! Could you briefly explain how you fell in love with photography and what led you to Canada and now California? What is the driving force behind your career?

My love for photography started when I was around 9 years old - I was obsessed with my mom’s film cameras. I remember spending all my money to get my films developed while other kids spent theirs on candy and toys. In my teenage years I’d ask my friends to pose for me and we’d shoot “editorials” in my tiny home-town in Hungary. The next natural step was to move to a bigger city with more opportunities: Toronto. Canada has given me everything I’ve ever wanted - the best friendships and some of the best clients. Then 3 years ago I’ve got represented in Los Angeles, so my partner and I packed our car to the brim, added our two dogs and moved to the West Coast. We love it here so much, but still fly back to Toronto a lot to see friends and to shoot with some of my favourite clients. Thinking back, I’ve always had the passion for photography which has made me want to grow more and more. To me, taking pictures is the best way to connect with people and reflect beauty back to them.

What is something you do or practice on set to help empower your clients during a photoshoot?

It’s all about good vibes on set. We have to have good tunes, good food, good energy and lots of laughter. Confidence is key when it comes to taking great pictures so we do just about anything to make our talent feel like their best selves. I find as long as we’re all having fun and are positive, the photos always turn out beautifully.

Life can get hectic, especially when in the middle of a global pandemic. What are some things you do that keeps you grounded and in check?

The pandemic has slowed everything down, but also sped everything up. We sometimes have to jam 4 months worth of shoots into 1 month, because of the lockdowns/case numbers. California life is actually a way slower than what most people would think, so when I find I burn too much of the midnight oil, I just retrieve here and enjoy the simple things: dog walks, beach walks, gardening, meditation, yoga and a good book.

How do you make time for your skincare routine? Are you someone who likes to follow each skincare step every night?

Funny story, I didn’t actually have a proper skincare routine until I met the amazing team at Miracle 10. I still have the email that Asia has sent me about the right order of applying products. Ever since I’ve been obsessed with skincare. I would not go a day without M10’s SPF, the Rich Moisture cream, and their Toner. I panic when I start running low on these products and have been religiously ordering them to Los Angeles ever since we’ve moved here.

We know that pre COVID-19, you had quite the travel bug. What are a few things you must pack for a trip?

Thanks to Asia, my entire Miracle 10 skincare regimen has to travel with me, haha. Over the years, other than my camera gear, my key things have become: Nexus card, white sneakers, warm socks and my handheld garment steamer.

Quick! There’s been a last-minute shoot scheduled and you only have a few minutes to get ready. Do you:

1. Keep things natural: Some SPF 30 & Mascara will do the trick.

2. Take a deep breath and apply the perfect winged liner. You’re a pro.

3. Buckle-up for the fastest glam you can physically pull off. When in doubt: liquid lippie.

Here at Miracle 10, we define a Glow Getter as someone who isn’t afraid to be their true, authentic self. In your words, what does it mean to be a Glow Getter?

A Glow Getter is someone who isn’t afraid of standing up for herself, her values and for what is right (Aries with Libra Rising here.. haha).


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