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Get Your Game Face On

Get Your Game Face On
In honour of Father's Day and Kawhi Leonard's incredible contribution to the 6ix, we're giving him an offer he can't refuse. Free Miracle 10 skincare for LIFE if he re-signs with the Raptors! He'll win us the playoffs and finish with a glow-up. 

Well, okay, we get it... Skincare might not be on the top of Kawhi's to-do list. Between practice, kicking the Warriors' butt and being a dad, life can be pretty hectic. But guess what, even the busiest, low-maintenance dads of the world still have skin concerns (looking at you Kawhi). We believe everyone deserves healthy, beautiful skin. So, Kawhi, we've listed some of our fave Miracle 10 products that will treat your skin like the Toronto royalty you are. Time to get your game face on!

Skin Health

Ageing and wrinkles are inevitable. But even if you won't admit that you're concerned about getting older, we've got incredible products to help prevent and protect. The condition of your skin is super important for your overall well-being and health. That's why sunscreen is always a necessity. And if all that sweat is causing your skin to get extra oily, our Sunscreen Lotion SPF 30 is formulated to absorb any excess oil and shine on your face. 

If you're the type of guy who has no problem taking extra precautions in order to prevent early signs of ageing, you'll want to snag a bottle of Retinol 30 or 60. Retinol is a gentle yet effective exfoliant (saves you time with one less step) while stimulating the production of new cells. Over time with continuous use, retinol is proven to leave your skin looking brighter and younger longer. Take that, Curry.

Acne & Pimples

Acne is a sensitive topic for anyone, especially if you're the most talked about athlete in the Nation. We've got a whole collection tailored to acne-prone skin but if you're looking for a quick fix before tipoff, you'll need Spot Solution. Keep it in your car, in your locker or your gym bag. It's super handy and works instantly, especially when Drake just happens to be your personal photographer. 


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