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Décolleté S.O.S

Décolleté S.O.S

Last week's quick taste of spring weather gave us a serious wake-up call. We've totally neglected our neck, chest and décolleté this winter. Shedding our scarves felt bittersweet as the sunshine's warmth felt so nice on our skin but the condition of our neck? Still a work in progress. What you may not know is the skin on your neck and chest is super delicate and requires just as much attention and care as the skin on your face.

The thin skin in this area produces less collagen than that on your face, causing it to lose firmness and easily wrinkle. And with fewer sebaceous glands than what's found on your face, the neck has a harder time naturally moisturizing your skin. The number one way to prevent signs of ageing anywhere on your body is by using an SPF 30 Sunscreen, but what if we told you things like posture, skincare products and sleeping habits could also affect the state of your skin?

Why is it that we have no issues dedicating an evening ritual to our face but completely fail to treat our neck? Despite its close proximity, we seem to always neglect it.

So, tonight, when you're following your nighttime skincare routine, gently bring your skincare down your neck, chest and décolleté area. It's the quickest way to start treating that area of skin. Don't forget to apply your products in an upward motion to help prevent fine lines and wrinkles from forming.

It's important to note that those intensive anti-ageing skincare products designed for your face are not always appropriate for your décolleté. Products intended for your face generally contain stronger ingredients and are not always gentle enough for thinner areas of skin. That's why we highly recommend investing in high-grade skincare products specifically formulated for the neck and chest.

Have you started to notice deep-seated lines on your neck? What if we told you that your smartphone could be to blame. Those ingrained wrinkles, otherwise known as 'Tech Neck,' could have been caused by the continuous habit of looking down at your phone. Combat the habit of constantly looking downward by bringing your screen or literature to eye-level.

Are you a habitual stomach sleeper? Sleeping on your back will not only prevent fine lines and wrinkles from forming on your face but will also stop the scrunching of your neck and chest area that can lead to an increase in the formation of visible lines. By simply improving on these seemingly innocent habits, you can easily make a positive difference to your neck, chest and décolleté.


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