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Breaking Skincare Rules

Breaking Skincare Rules
Do you remember when you were growing up? As a kid, there were always rules. Do this, don't do that. Put that down, go directly to bed, do not pass GO and do not collect $200🙄 It's safe to say that at Miracle 10, we're not the best with rules. In fact, we love breaking them.

You just never know if that "forbidden" outcome could become something beneficial for you. And we're always encouraging ladies to take those beauty risks. You better work that blue eye shadow. Wear the white shoes, we're Canadian anyway.  And skincare treatments? Go ahead and layer them... you heard correctly. 


Layering skincare treatments like Retinol 30 and AHA Cream used to be a big no-no. The big concern? Two or more super powerful ingredients could end up reacting too strongly on your skin. But with new research and findings, turns out that layering glycolic acids with retinoids is a-okay👌 Want to know our president's current evening ritual?

First, she applies a layer of Renewal Complex. This serum is pumped-up with three different exfoliating acids to improve skin thickness and collagen production. Then she follows up with Stem Cell Serum, which will brighten her skin thanks to the Vitamin C. Lastly, our president follows it up with Platinum Night Repair, a major staple here at the office. It's packed with our EMC10 complex, 2 plant stem cells, lactic acid and retinol to plump-up the skin while you sleep. 

Pairing all three of these amazing treatments creates one major anti-ageing fighter👶 If you are planning on mixing treatments, we recommend saving it for your night routine. This way your skin cells have the time to regenerate overnight. Don't forget your SPF 30 the next morning! We want to know what unsaid beauty rule you love to break? Let us know in the comment section below!


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