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Back-To-School Skincare for Everyone

Back-To-School Skincare for Everyone

It’s back to school season, the most wonderful and stressful time of the year. With new environments, new responsibilities and new responsibilities, it may all inevitably lead to new, unwanted breakouts. Whether you’re a student heading into university, a teacher hoping to look their best for the school year or an eager mom prepping her kids for dorm-life, we’ve got you covered.


As if maintaining your GPA, eating relatively healthy and meeting new people wasn’t overwhelming enough, sustaining an overly-complicated skincare routine seems almost impossible.

Stick with the basics:

  1. A gentle cleanser that clarifies and soothes
  2. A refreshing toner to remove left-over residue
  3. A hydrating moisturizer to last throughout the fall
  4. A weekly treatment to even and smooth your complexion
  5. A dry-touch SPF 30 to protect your skin all year long

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be tricky when you’ve got school on your brain. By managing your water intake, getting enough beauty sleep and sticking to a morning and night skincare ritual, you can cross "bad-skin" off your to-do list.

Don’t worry guys, we didn’t forget about you. Our 4-step kit gives you everything you’ll need to maintain a smooth shave while keeping your skin clean and clear. Start the school year with your best face forward.

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The time has finally come. Your child’s starting their first year of college or university and is fleeing the nest to live on campus. They’re about to experience so many exciting and stressful moments throughout their first year and unfortunately, their skin will take a hit.

Increase in stress-levels and hormonal changes can send your child’s oil production into overdrive, causing the face to break out at the worst moments. Before you ship off their first care-package, don’t forget to include highly-effective skincare products like our Starter Collection for acne-prone skin. It’s our best-selling collection for a reason.

Give the gift of clear skin with our Starter Collection for Acne-Prone/Oily Skin | $343.00


Summer never feels long enough and before you know it, it’s back to school in the fall. Adjusting to your work routine can be a challenge and that sometimes means skimping out on your self-care rituals. Start off the New Year with confidence and follow a well-rounded skincare routine, morning and night, for fool-proof skin.

Don’t have the time for a dedicated pamper day? Treat each night before bed as ムme-time’ and take a few extra minutes to apply a mask or treatment every other night, like our Retinol Treatment 60, for a more radiant looking appearance. Spending a moment every night for your skincare regime will have you looking glowy and feeling confident when taking on the school year, parents and colleagues.

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    Can’t wait to impress all my friends at school with these products for my face and body areas

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