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Ann's Summer Faves

Ann's Summer Faves

Hi Ann, we're so happy to sit down with you (finally!) and chat all about your fave beauty treats. How are you?

Ann: I’m good! I’m feeling very optimistic about the future and that we are finally turning the corner from this devastating pandemic.

Absolutely! We've got some fun questions for you today. Take us back to when you were first embarking on this journey. What was it that made you want to continue pursuing a skincare line?

Ann: I’ve always had a keen interest in beauty and skincare and after years of being involved in The Plastic Surgery Clinic, I realized that good skincare is essential to skin health. There are incredibly effective skincare ingredients that when formulated in a skincare line in medical-grade percentages, can truly result in beautiful, healthy skin.

It has been some time since you first learned about skincare and the world of aesthetic beauty! What advice would you give someone who is just starting? 

Ann: For those who have never investigated medical aesthetic procedures, you can rest assured that these procedures work. Facial peels are the foundation of your skincare routine and result in exfoliating the rough layers on the surface of the skin to reveal glowing, healthy skin. This allows a more youthful, translucent layer of skin to emerge. Intense pulse light removes hyperpigmentation and dark spots from the skin due to sun exposure; radiofrequency and microneedling procedures increase the production of collagen and increase cell turnover, resulting in healthier, and younger-looking skin. There are an array of procedures from which you can benefit, but the first step is to book a consultation with one of our MD Beauty Clinic medical estheticians. They will examine your skin’s condition and advise first steps. 

We love the team over at MD Beauty Clinic! What are a few of your favourite treatments?

Ann: Hands down is the Miracle 10 Facial Peel. This is the foundation and starting point for improving the health and texture of your skin. A good skincare routine at home is essential to continuing the benefits from your peel. Injections and microneedling help to lift the skin, fill hollows and create a boost to collagen production resulting in more youthful and glowing skin.

Would you say your goals have changed throughout the pandemic?

Ann: I think the lockdown forced so many of us to really focus on what is important to us: the opportunity to spend time with family and friends; the importance of being active; how critical our social connections are to our mental health. Coming to a hard stop forced all of us to reassess what is truly important in our lives. And I think we all agree that it is the social fabric of our lives that binds us to each other and keeps us healthy.

These days, what's your go-to morning routine look like? If we were to open up your medicine cabinet, what Miracle 10 products are you reaching for?

Ann: I've switched up my routine slightly. I’m using Platinum Cleanser - because of its soothing, and hydrating effect; Stem Cell Serum, morning and night to counteract the effects of pollution and other environmental irritants and Platinum Eye Lift and Face Lift, also morning and night. I never leave the house without my Miracle 10 SPF 30 and I have to use Enzyme and Mask boosted with Super C at least twice a week. 

Now that more and more of the world is opening up, we're all getting the itch to travel. Pre-COVID-19, what was your favourite vacation spot? A place you're just dying to visit!

Ann: I would have to say Florida in the summer. I love those white sandy beaches and the beautiful tropical breeze that always blows from the water. I’m careful to wear a wide-brimmed hat and slather on the sunscreen and I’ve found nothing recharges your spirit like spending a day under an umbrella at the beach.

Bonus Question: If you had to choose between Retinol or AHA Cream, which would you pick?

Ann: I adore AHA Cream but I have to say that Retinol delivers the most impressive results of any skincare ingredient. It is powerfully effective against acne and yet is one of the most beneficial anti-ageing ingredients you can use. So when I really want results and I’ve had a hectic day I reach for our Platinum Night Repair 


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