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An Update On Our Anti-Racism Work

An Update On Our Anti-Racism Work

Earlier this year, we shared our commitment to taking action against racism both within our business and as members of our community. We knew much work laid ahead of us, and we heard from many of you who shared feedback and insights to help us be a part of the solution. Thank you to everyone who took the time to share these with us.

We also began conducting extensive research into the ways in which we were perpetuating systemic racism by upholding a white centric worldview, participating in exclusionary practices, and otherwise contributing to the challenges Black, Indigenous and persons of colour (BIPOC) are up against within the cosmetics industry. We began building a framework for a positive way forward. Taking this lens to everything we do has become essential to our business, and one we have to apply to every decision we make from here on out.

Today, we’d like to share on update on some of those immediate steps we were able to take in order to address limitations within our product offerings and education efforts as a brand.

Our Complexion Products

We pride ourselves on providing skincare for all - it's our bread and butter, the expertise we've been able to share with thousands of people all over the world, and our line is one that people of all ethnicities can benefit from. When we introduced makeup to complement this offering, our intention was to share the passion and joy we had for makeup as a way to add glamour and fun to your self-care routine, with products that were good for and on you, enhancing your natural beauty and great skin.

But, intent does not equal impact. By carrying a limited range of complexion products we’ve afforded some individuals the glamour and joy of the Miracle 10 makeup collection while excluding many others. Systemic racism is learned in our homes, through the media, in our institutions and yes, at our beauty counters, too. If we cannot provide a foundation for our Black customers, but can for our white customers then we uphold the structures of racism in our society. And so, effective immediately, we are discontinuing the sale of our complexion products.

While we did spend the summer and into the fall working on expanding our shade range, we ultimately recognized that there are many amazing BIPOC-owned companies who are doing makeup way better than we are. We’re sharing some BIPOC-owned makeup companies offering alternative complexion options here and we’d love for you to check them out.

And for those wondering about remaining inventory, please know we are working with a few local charities to donate this product.

Next Steps

As part of our immediate actions, we began the search for a diversity, equity and inclusion specialist to hire and work with our teams (across Miracle 10, MD Beauty Clinic and The Plastic Surgery Clinic). When we started this work in June our impulse was to do all that we could to immediately make changes and fix our mistakes. But as an internal team member rightly pointed out, hastily attempting to dismantle systemic racism *right away* is more often than not, the result of a white-savior complex and can do more harm than good.

Taking time to analyze our shortcomings and bringing on a specialist in this field will help us to hone in on the areas in our business which most need attention and will allow us to make positive changes for our team and for our community that will have a lasting impact. We are looking forward to formally starting this work and continuing to explore the ways we can do our part to help dismantle systemic racism in our respective industries.

Some of this work will include training and education with our teams, reviewing and updating the language in messaging across our business, from product descriptions to social media content, educational information and more.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, you can always reach out to us on social media @miracle10skincare or by e-mail, We are always listening and eager to move this work forward.

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