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Your Skincare Essentials

Your Skincare Essentials

We get it. Walking down the skincare aisle of your local drugstore can be overwhelming. It’s stressful enough not knowing what your skin actually needs let alone having to choose from the infinite selection on the shelf. Don’t give yourself a skincare-induced panic attack! Next time you’re out shopping, try visiting a beauty boutique. Specially-trained skincare consultants and beauty experts will be able to analyze your skin and recommend products perfect for your skin type.

On the hunt for a new skincare regime? Screenshot our essentials shopping list to keep on standby so you know exactly what to shop for without any hassle. Keep an eye out for these 5 skincare basics every person needs to complete their collection.


First things first, you need a facial cleanser and the white bar of soap that sits on your bathroom counter isn’t going to cut it. You need a well-formulated cleanser that will not only remove the makeup from your face but will leave your skin feeling refreshed.

For our dry/sensitive readers, look for a cleanser with a gentle lather to keep your face feeling hydrated and supple, not stripped and tight. If you have normal or combination skin, gel cleansers with exfoliating ingredients like Alpha Hydroxy Acids will work perfectly on your resilient skin to give you a thorough cleanse.

Try our Cleanser I $40.00 | 120mL


Did you know that washing your face doesn’t always clean your face? Sometimes your cleanser isn’t able to remove all the makeup and dirt from the day. This doesn’t mean your cleanser isn’t working! But that’s when your toner comes in. On a cotton pad, apply a few drops of toner all over your face and watch it remove any leftover residue. Not only does a well-formulated toner cleanse your face, it can balance PH levels and prepare your skin for optimal absorption before applying your moisturizer.

Look for a toner infused with ingredients like aloe vera and witch hazel to provide instant hydration for sensitive skin. Those with other skin concerns should look for solutions with active ingredients like glycolic acid for optimum results. This is not a step you’ll want to skip.

Try our Toner $37.00 | 120mL


Trust us when we say that all skin types can benefit from a well-made moisturizer. The role of a moisturizer is to keep your skin hydrated all day and night. Tight, dry and dehydrated skin is not only unpleasant to have but could be the cause of your fine lines. Do you have oily skin? The oil on your face, also known as sebum, requires a properly formulated moisturizer to create the right balance. Don’t fall victim to the common misconception that skipping this step will lead to a more matte complexionラmore often than not, oily skin that goes without moisturizer ends up producing more oil to compensate.

Try our Moisture $64.00 | 50mL

Eye Cream

We know what you’re thinking: Can’t you apply your moisturizer as an eye cream? The skin near your eyes is actually thinner than any other part of your body. This delicate area demands special treatment. Look for an eye cream packed with antioxidants that will add hydration as well as brighten up any dark circles. Don’t forget to apply this morning and night.

Try our Eye Treatment $83.00 | 15mL


Treating your skin to a weekly exfoliation sounds difficult and time-consuming but can actually take all of 5 minutes in your bathroom. Exfoliating removes the dead skin from your face and allows for new, stronger cell growth. This also allows the active ingredients in your products to penetrate your skin better, which lets them work their magic on the deepest level possible. We recommend exfoliating once or twice a week for optimal results.

Try our Enzyme $82.00 | 50mL

Boosters & Enhancements

Now that you have your essential skincare regime, you can start to implement boosters, treatments and other enhancements to your routine. Do you suffer from hormonal breakouts? Having a spot treatment in your collection will make treating those pesky pimples a breeze. Once your skincare collection is tried and true, look to include a hydrating face mask for weekly spa nights or an anti-aging treatment like our favourite, Retinol 60, to tame fine lines, wrinkles, and dark spotsラit even doubles as an acne treatment for those prone to breakouts.


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