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Your Jet-Lagged Skincare Routine

Your Jet-Lagged Skincare Routine
Who loves going on vacation? It's safe to say everyone looks forward to a break now and then (now would be nice!). Going on a vacation is one of those moments in life that you happen to cherish the most. For some, it's a shared family experience, a moment to hit the beach or a new culture to immerse into. For others, an adventure they've been long saving up for. A vacation should be a moment for you to live your best life and that totally includes rocking some healthy, beautiful skin.

For most Canadians, hopping on a plane and flying away is one of our most common methods of transportation to explore the world. With it, however, brings on the inevitable jet-lagged complexion. Dehydrated, tight and dull looking skin is usually a winter-skin-woe (one we know far too well) but can also arise throughout air travel. With these tips, you can achieve glowing looking skin that will follow you on vacation and continue long after it's over.


Prep your skin for a flight with an at-home spa ritual the night before. We like to start by masking first, then following up with an exfoliator. Hot Tip: To boost your exfoliation even further, use 1-2 pumps of Solution I and gently press it onto a layer of Enzyme. Leave it on for a few minutes before removing with a damp, warm towel. Your skin will beam!


The next day, before leaving for the airport, begin your journey with freshly cleansed and hydrated skin. We recommend using a gentle cleanser so as not to mess around with your pH levels. Next step, hydrate like crazy! Apply a generous layer of your go-to moisturizer. We love using Rich Moisture for this. Last but not least, don't forget to apply sunscreen. Did you know that Pilots always wear sunscreen before a flight? The higher up you are the stronger the UV rays become because of the close proximity to the ozone layer. This is even more important if you happen to be a window seat person🙋


Whether it's a 4 hr or a 14 hr journey, the recycled air on a plane can cause some major dehydration to your skin. On average, everyone's skin requires a humidity range of 30%-60%. But did you know that the humidity level on a plane can reach as low as 2%?! No wonder our skin always looks so dry and scaly after a flight.

That's why a facial spray and hydrating oil are literal life-savers for flying-enthusiasts. The occasional spritz every couple of hours will provide hydration while a few drops of your favourite oil will lock-it all in. Our favourite facial spray? We always reach for our Rejuvenating Mist. Not only will the aloe, witch hazel, and lavender work together to refresh your skin during your flight, it'll also help awaken the skin's appearance when you're about to land.



After a long flight, there's nothing better than checking-into your hotel room and promptly crawling under the covers of that perfect hotel bed (what makes these beds superior to all other sleeping surfaces?!). But before you crash, wash away any grime with a gentle cleanser and apply a rejuvenating treatment to help your skin recover overnight. We like to apply a thin layer of AHA Cream so we know we'll wake up to glowing skin - even after an 8 hr flight.

Since alpha hydroxy acids can be drying, follow up with your fave moisturizer and try mixing in a few drops of Botanical Oil into it. Warm up your concoction into your palms and gently push the product onto your skin. This is a major tip for anyone who is trying to lock-in some serious moisture!


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