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Why You Need Cosmeceutical Body Care

Why You Need Cosmeceutical Body Care

Many of us are very particular about the skincare we use on our face (rightfully so, if you ask us!). We know that active ingredients and cosmeceutical-grade products bring results we want, especially that skin radiance and glow we know and love so much. But, when it comes to the skin from the shoulders down, why do so many of us grab the nearest bottle of drugstore shower gel or bar soap without a second thought?

The truth is, our skin needs to be treated carefully from head to toe – the same concerns we typically have around aging, dryness, acne, skin elasticity and more for our faces should extend beyond our décolletage all the way down to our toes. While you might have never considered it before, let us elaborate on why cosmeceutical body care is just as important as your facial skincare routine. 

As we age, the skin all over our body becomes thinner, more fragile and delicate. To take care of our skin throughout our bodies, we must actively increase the elastin and collagen levels and feed it powerful antioxidants to counteract the effects of pollution, sun damage and general aging. Regular exfoliation also helps slough off dead skin layers on the surface of the skin and increases cell turnover, resulting in healthier skin.

Moreover, some of us have challenges with body acne or keratosis pilaris (a common condition in children and young adults where there is a build-up of keratin that plugs the root of the hair follicle). All of these challenges are normal and common – the question simply becomes how to treat them.

Using cosmeceutical body care means using products with active ingredients like you would your face. When we reformulated our body collection, we wanted to make sure we had a line that could treat these skin concerns everywhere with powerful active ingredients like lactic acid, niacinamide, colloidal oatmeal, caffeine and salicylic acid (to name a few) and would also feel super luxurious, making showers and bath time the ultimate moments of self-care.

If you’re wondering where to start, our Founder Ann-Marie MacDonald recommends the following regime:

  1. Wash with the Cleanser using a body brush or loofah in the shower.
  2. Follow with Polish to exfoliate and remove dead cells, leaving soft, clear and healthy skin behind.
  3. Out of the shower, immediately apply Silk on arms, legs and anywhere else you need a boost of hydration.
  4. Optional: If you’re looking to increase circulation and treat uneven skin, massage Therapy into targeted spots.

And of course, keep Intensive Hand Repair in your bag/at your desk to keep your hands in top shape! 


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