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Why Can't I Pick My Skin?

Why Can't I Pick My Skin?
We're all friends here, right? We want you to think of us as one of your girlfriends, discouraging poor habits and encouraging good ones because that's exactly what we're attempting to do today.

We want to help you stop picking at your skin and popping your pimples. There are numerous reasons why picking at your face is a big no-no, such as compromising the integrity of your skin and disrupting its healing process. Leaving your skin alone has never been more critical for its health, and might actually be the easiest-yet-hardest skincare habit to follow. So, the next time you're itching to pick at a scab or pop that annoying pimple, think of us (your virtual BFF) to help keep you on the right track.

Why Do I Want To Pick My Face?

First things first, let us address that we completely understand how difficult it is to break this kind of habit. Even we have our moments of weakness! Most of the time, we're all very aware that we shouldn't pick our faces but end up doing it anyway 😬

There are many reasons why some of us feel the need to pick. For some, it can be a tool to help us concentrate on other tasks while we watch a movie on Netflix. It can sometimes relate to the physical impulses of anxiety to help distract the brain from other lingering thoughts. Heck, some people even get a kick out of it (hello, Dr. Pimple Popper and her 6 million+ subscribers).

Whatever the reason may be, it can ultimately compromise your skin's health. Think about it: you work so hard to follow a curated skincare routine, read blogs to better your regimen, and never fail to apply your Retinol 30 every 1-3 days, only to ruin all of your hard work. Don't worry, though - we've come prepared. 

Bacteria & Pimples

So, you're faced with a troublesome zit and you want to pop it. Before you even consider doing so, let's think through the consequences. By touching a pimple, you're potentially introducing more bacteria into the pore thus pushing the oil and debris further into the pustule. This new hoard of bacteria will now spread onto surrounding areas that may create more pimples, ultimately making everything worse. Even if you do "successfully" pop a zit, all of its bacteria can now excrete onto your skin. Instead of one annoying pimple, now you're dealing with a full-on breakout. 

The next time you attempt to "take care" of your pimples, spot treat it instead with Spot Solution. Its potent formula and mixture of antibacterial acids drastically reduce the look of active acne. Plus, it tones down the shine and dries down matte, making it perfect for makeup application. Conceal it and leave. it. alone 🙅‍♀️

Healing & Scarring 

Despite all warnings, you popped the zit and are now faced with an open and inflamed wound. Do you know what's worse than dealing with a pimple? Dealing with the scar that was caused by you picking at said pimple. Read that line again. As we've discussed, so many experts in this space discourage popping pimples for a multitude of reasons, but we think the most significant one is the disruption of the healing process. Not only is there injury on your skin, your body now needs to begin healing this wound. And once your popped-pimple turns into a scab, the chances of you leaving it alone and not "helping it fall off" (yeah, we know all of the tricks) are slim. Please, leave the scab alone and let it do its thing. Otherwise, you're never fully allowing your skin to heal. 

This leads us to the final consequence of picking at your face: hyperpigmentation. It's a very common outcome that often becomes the most difficult to overcome. For some, acne scars can take months (if not years) to heal, and we're not just looking at skincare for the solution. Some will seek guidance from a dermatologist for prescription medication, while others will head to our sister company, MD Beauty Clinic, for light-therapy and laser treatments. Thankfully, we've got a secret weapon to help speed this process up with Fade Out. Its formula was carefully designed to reduce the look of acne scarring thanks to its combination of sprout extracts and peptides. And just like our Spot Solution, it's mattifying and light-reflecting, making it the ideal base for concealer.

*Please note: Dermatillomania or skin picking disorder (SPD) is a legitimate and serious health concern. Consistent picking at your skin to cause injury should be treated by a medical professional. We recommend you seek aid from your family physician or dermatologist.


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