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What’s Happening to Our Men’s Collection?

What’s Happening to Our Men’s Collection?

Hey there, glow getters. We've got an important update for our Men's Collection users that could impact the way you shop our skincare. You—our valued customers—are at the forefront of our decision-making here at Miracle 10, and so it is essential that we do our best to adapt to the shifting needs and preferences of each and every one of you. That's why we're announcing the phasing out of our Men's skincare line. In this post, we’ll explore the reasons behind this decision, reflect on the journey of our Men's line, and share our recommendations for substitutes.

Skincare for All

Our Men's Collection has been an important part of our brand, designed to cater to the needs of men's skin. From cleansers to moisturizers and shaving treatments, we have strived to provide effective solutions that address the challenges faced by men in their skincare routines. The general gist of this collection? Keeping it simple! Over the years, we've received positive feedback and built a small community of loyal customers who have embraced our products.

As we continue to evolve, it has been crucial to acknowledge the changing landscape of the skincare industry. We've witnessed a significant shift in attitudes away from gender-specific products, with more individuals recognizing that skincare is about personal needs rather than conforming to traditional gender norms. And while men may experience certain elevated skincare concerns, those issues are not exclusive to the male gender.

Knowing this, our shift away from these false binaries has led us to reevaluate our product offerings and consider a more inclusive approach to skincare. The decision to phase out our Men's Collection is rooted in our commitment to inclusivity. We believe that everyone deserves access to high-quality skincare products tailored to their unique skin concerns, irrespective of gender. That's why we want to reiterate that our Miracle 10 skincare and Platinum Collection are suited for all genders, skin types and tones, and caters to a diverse range of skincare concerns.

Men's Collection Substitutes

As we bid farewell to our Men's Collection, we invite you to explore our unisex range of products. Our carefully curated products address a broad spectrum of skincare needs, embracing diversity and inclusivity in every formulation. Our dedication to quality, efficacy, and customer satisfaction remains unwavering, and we are excited to embark on this new chapter together. So, while you may not like it when your partner steals your Light Serum or uses up faves in your regimen, they may be on the right track...

If you’re accustomed to the Men’s Collection and prefer those products, we encourage you to get them while you can. If your usual pick is sold out, here are alternatives you can begin incorporating into your routine.

For those who like to start and end their days with a little Wash, Cleanser II has a near identical formulation. It's an antioxidant-rich face wash with the added benefit of being pH-correct.

If you like Tone, might we recommend Toner? While it doesn’t contain the Chamomile extract and Menthol, it does maintain the cooling effects of Aloe and cleansing properties of Witch Hazel Extract that folks love about Tone. In fact, without added menthol, Toner is best suited for people with even the most sensitive skin, especially after a close shave. And for those looking for an extra glow, reach for Solution I instead. The added 3% glycolic acid works overtime to make sure your skin is clearer and brighter with each use. 

If Scrub is your go-to for a deep clean, consider Enzyme. The thermostable fruit enzymes of both these formulations help gently scrub away dead cells and debris. Enzyme adds a hydrating and plumping effect through Fennel Oil and Hyaluronic Acid ingredients.

For fans of Hydrate, it's time for Light Serum. It has vitamins A, C, D and E for their antioxidant properties, and exotic botanical extracts like Jiaogulan and Ginseng for skin clarity—much like the beloved Hydrate.

And if you use Eye, we suggest a transition to our Eye Treatment. Eye Treatment gives you the same Vitamin E, Echinacea extract, Rosemary extract and Sea kelp to address dark circles and laxity. Looking for the crème de la crème of under-eye products? Treat yourself to our soothing yet anti-aging powerhouse, Platinum Eye Lift.

In fact, for those looking to focus their routine on slowing signs of aging, you don't want to miss out on our Platinum Collection products. From our Stem Cell Serum to Renewal Complex, each product is crafted with state-of-the-art ingredients.

Finally, for our Shave lovers, we are happy to report that we will not be phasing out this product. It's just such a great shaving solution for all needs! So, we have decided to add it to our Body Collection in the future.

Change is a constant in the world of skincare (kind of an oxymoron, we know). Our decision to phase out the Men's Collection reflects our commitment to inclusivity, sustainability, and adaptability. So, a big thank you to our loyal customers who have supported us on this journey, and we look forward to continuing to provide you with skincare solutions that celebrate individuality and cater to the diverse needs of our global community.


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