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What Should Be On Your Vanity For The Fall Season

What Should Be On Your Vanity For The Fall Season

As the seasons and weather change, the skin begins to either adapt or react to that change. Depending on the weather conditions, oftentimes, the skin needs to be catered to its needs. That means it’s time to switch up the skincare products and the overall skincare routine. Whether the skin is dry, normal or oily, pay close attention to its reaction after cleansing. Cleansing is a perfect way to identify the skin’s current condition. After cleansing, the skin will either feel normal or tight/dry. If it feels tight or dry, the reason for that is the cleanser is too drying and the skin’s natural moisture barrier is stripped. The solution to that includes switching the cleanser type for dehydrated and sensitive skin type. The cleanser should contain moisturizing ingredients like aloe vera.

Concerning toners, if the skin is continuously dry, a calming and soothing toner is required. Dry, sensitive and dehydrated skin may suffer with eczema, irritation, unpredictable breakouts and increased sensitivity. When skin experiences a transition, it’s important to keep it balanced. Specific ingredients such as aloe vera, allantoin, witch hazel and antioxidants will calm and refresh the skin while gently balancing the PH level.

Exfoliating with acids or retinols is extremely vital to keep the skin healthy and slow down the aging process. Regardless of the weather, keep exfoliating! Choose an acid based cream with alpha-hydroxy acid such as gentle lactic acid. For flaking and severely dry skin, it’s beneficial to use gentle scrubs. The gentle polishing beads with enzymes will remove and dissolve any traces of dead surface cells and keep the skin smooth and hydrated. ᅠIt will also help to penetrate the products on a deeper level. The enzymatic type of exfoliation will provide the skin with renewed cells, therefore sloughing off dry scaly patches of the skin.

Moisturising the skin is crucial when it comes to cooler weather conditions. Choose a richer moisturizer for night time as this will increase the moisture potential and heal the skin during the sleep. To reduce the dry patches, it’s important to use a rich moisturizer that will deeply hydrate the skin with hyaluronic acid, aloe vera, and provide it with essential fatty acids like evening primrose oil.

Whether the skin is oily, dry or normal, sun protection should be used daily by everyone. Apply SPF after cleansing and toning but before any moisturizers or make-up. For chronically dehydrated skin, it’s best to use a heavier hydrating lotion or a moisturizer that will not only provide sufficient hydration, but also form a protective layer that will lock that moisture in the skin. The moment the skin begins to retain moisture, it will begin to appear plumper, smoother and be healthy.

Fall and winter seasons are the best to seize in opportunity for facial treatments, such as chemical peels and intense pulse light laser treatments. A chemical peel is a skin treatment that uses an acid to exfoliate and rejuvenate the skin. The main benefit of a chemical peel is to maintain a youthful and healthy skin. Intense pulse light targets hyperpigmentation (sun spots) and skin conditions like rosacea.

Investing in skincare during cooler seasons should always be a priority.


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