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What Do Plant Stem Cells Do For Your Skin?

What Do Plant Stem Cells Do For Your Skin?

What combines two plant stem cells, lactic acid (6%), retinol (.15%) and comes in a 50 mL bottle? Miracle 10’s Night Repair, of course! What is not to love about this product? It is jam-packed with powerhouse skincare ingredients that work - dare we say, miracles? - on the skin while you sleep. It’s also the result of the latest, advanced research into the science of the skin: plant stem cell cultures. So how does it work exactly? Skin scientists have discovered that when a plant leaf is injured, one of its responses is to produce stem cells and nutrients in order to regrow and protect itself. These stem cells can be harnessed and cultured in a protected environment. Because the epigenetic factors that the plant stem cells produce are similar to those that protect human stem cells, we can extract the plant stem cells for use on human skin to help strengthen it, make it appear thicker, and soften the look of wrinkles and damage. In short: the plant stem cells help to make the human stem cells better and stronger.

Gotta love science! The plant stem cells in Night Repair are derived from apple and the heart-leaved globe daisy.

So who should use Miracle 10’s Night Repair? If you couldn’t already tell, this is an advanced skincare product. We don’t recommend it for anyone who is new to active ingredients. If you’ve been on the Miracle 10 line for 3+ months, then you can definitely try it out. If you are a sun worshipper or forgetful with your sunscreen (for shame!) then give this product a pass (but you’ll be missing out!). The lactic acid and retinol in this product require the use of daily sunscreen. If you’re not up to a multi-step regime and want to achieve tons of benefits all at once, we highly suggest Night Repair. It packs a seriously powerful punch.

We’ve put together our top 4 favourite benefits of using this product (trust us, there are way more than 4!)

  1. Skin appears younger, thicker, smoother, with reduced sun damage. There are so many ingredients to thank for these results! Top among them would be: our patented peptide complex EMC 10, the plant stem cells, retinol, lactic acid + Vitamins A, C and E.ᅠ

  2. The look of inflammation and irritation is reduced. Sometimes products with retinol can make the skin a bit irritated. We combat retinol’s drying, sometimes irritating effects with Geranium essential oil, which also helps to restore balance, tone and suppleness.ᅠ

  3. Better protected, stronger looking skin. This is all thanks to the plant stem cells.ᅠ

  4. Brighter, plumper, more glowing looking skin!ᅠ

    Learn more about Night Repair here.


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