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Trend Spotlight: Slugging

Trend Spotlight: Slugging

Itchy, tight, flaky and irritated are only a few ways to describe the state of our skin these days. In Canada, the winter chill is no joke. This, coupled with central heating in every room you step foot into, you bet that our skin is suffering. Usually, when our skin is this dehydrated, we may reach for a thicker moisturizer, maybe a hydrating serum to layer underneath. But does the thought of slathering your face with petroleum jelly come to mind? 

Whenever skincare enthusiasts seek new, innovative trends to better their complexion, the K-Beauty scene is where they'll go. One trend taking the internet by storm is Slugging, a popular skincare method using petrolatum, Vaseline or Aquaphor to mimic the slime of a slug and leave your skin glowing. The purpose? Seal the top layer of skin using an extremely heavy emollient to prevent transepidermal water loss and encourage deeper penetration of your skincare ingredients. 

While the benefits of Slugging sound promising this trend does not come without its risks, especially if left in the wrong hands or performed incorrectly. While dry and/or sensitive skin types may benefit from a Slugging treatment, the use of a moisturizing agent must be layered underneath. This is because petrolatum is not innately moisturizing, therefore, only using petroleum jelly on your face could further lead to dryer skin! If you're someone with dry or sensitive skin and are curious about trying this method, follow these steps: 

  1. Always make sure to apply your moisturizer first
  2. Scoop a pea-sized amount of petroleum or vaseline and apply a light, even layer
  3. Be wary of using an active ingredient underneath your occlusive as it can increase its potency and cause irritation!
  4. 1-2 times a week during cold, dry months should be plenty to see results 

Anyone with oily or acne-prone skin, heed our warning! You really should stay clear of this trend as it could encourage further oil production, lead to more breakouts and even increase the appearance of clogged pores. If only these trends disclosed all of the risks and benefits before going viral!

When we're looking to up our hydration, we like to reach for an oil rather than a jelly - Botanical Oil, to be exact. It's safe for all skin types, including those who are acne-prone. It can even help heal chronic dehydration! Just pump a few squirts in your palm and gently press into your skin on its own or as the last step in your skincare routine to lock it all in. 

While Slugging may work for some, it definitely isn't meant for everyone. Have you tried this viral skincare trend? Let us know below.


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