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Trend Spotlight: Glazed Donut

Trend Spotlight: Glazed Donut

glazed dough·nut
[/ɡlāzd/ /ˈdōˌnət/] adjective

Ooh, look at that glow getter. She's totally rocking glazed donut skin ✨ 

If you’re a lover of "skintok" on TikTok or an avid Pinterest scroller, then you'll definitely recognize the skincare term “glazed donut” that is dominating the scene. This trend has been around for a while but recently picked-up traction ever since American model Hailey Bieber launched her own skincare line. She is constantly photographed having dewy, glazed-like skin and we're so here for it. The name alone makes our mouths drool, but what exactly determines glazed donut status and how can we all achieve this level of glow?

The trend claims to make your skin look as glossy and delicious as, well, a freshly-dipped donut. We’re talking deeply moisturized, juicy and plump skin all day every day. But how achievable is this look for the everyday glow getter? Do you need Hailey Bieber's skincare line to attain a donut-approved glaze? The answers to these questions are a lot more straightforward than you may think. Here is everything we know.

The key components of a glazed donut skincare routine usually include:

  1. A gentle, pH balanced cleanser like our Platinum Cleanser
  2. A hydrating and regenerative serum like our Platinum Stem Cell Serum
  3. A whipped, plumping moisturizer like Rich Moisture
  4. A nourishing facial oil like Botanical Oil Concentrate to seal everything in

You see, the overarching focus of glazed donut skin is a healthy skin barriersomething we speak about a lot on the blog and over on our social media accounts. A healthy barrier is a glowing complexion and this can be easily attained without the need of a celeb skincare line. Start healing your skin while you sleep by applying a deeply hydrating moisturizer. We love to reach for Night or Rich Moisture to do all the heavy lifting for us. Rich Moisture in particular is excellent because it contains aloe vera to soothe inflammation and hyaluronic acid for moisture retention and deep hydration.

Aside from a well-formulated moisturizer, a great way to achieve this level of luminosity is by layering your skincare with specialty and booster products. Two best-sellers to reinforce your skincare barrier are our Stem Cell Serum and Botanical Oil. Platinum Stem Cell Serum is a deeply nourishing and regenerative treatment with ingredients like ferrugineum leaf and grape cell extract that are proven to repair the skin barrier. And as a final step, rub a few pumps of our Botanical Oil Concentrate into your hands and press it into your moisturizer to lock in all of its goodness. For our oily-prone friends, avoiding a facial oil may actually be a rookie skincare mistake! Sometimes acne can be caused by a lack of hydration. Thankfully, the best part about our Botanical Oil is that it is formulated for all skin types and tones. Goodbye, chronically dry skin and hello Krispy Kreme-like skin!

If you're looking to really boost that skin cell turnover and collagen production, you'll want to start prioritizing (safe!) exfoliation. The brightening combo that we're *obsessed* with at the moment is mixing Super C, our 100% vitamin C treatment, with Renewal Complex to tackle pesky sunspots and hyperpigmentation. Talk about the best bang for your buck! Layering boosters are only as good as their formulation, so always make sure to select high-quality skincare products that don't skimp out on the good stuff. Don't forget, consistency is key!

Keep up with your routine and you'll start to notice that you won't rely on your highlighter as much (although, we're totally here for a double glow!).

Will you be trying this trend? Let us know in the comments below.


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    Super C + Platinum Renewal Complex is the combo dreams are made of.

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