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The Power of Peptides and Why Your Skin Loves Them

The Power of Peptides and Why Your Skin Loves Them

Peptides are short-chain amino acids and are well known for their anti-aging (sometimes described as a 'botox-like') effects on the skin. Research has shown that peptides help to promote collagen stimulation, wound healing, brightening of the skin and have anti-oxidative as well as anti-microbial effects. Pretty powerful stuff.

Peptides exist naturally in the skin, but their synthetic formulation allows them to be stabilized in a skincare product and allows the chemist more control over the effects it can provide to the skin.

Peptides can be found in a number of Miracle 10 products (Light Serum, Eye Treatment and Firm all contain peptides), but are most highly concentrated in our Platinum Collection. Each product in this collection contains EMC10, our patented peptide complex designed to address the compound causes of skin aging with a multi-faceted approach.

EMC10 provides some results immediately after application. You will notice an improved plumpness and brightness to the skin. With continued use, you’ll see the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles smooth, dark spots lighten, improved texture and hydration, and an overall glow to the skin.

This is high-tech skincare that delivers real, and profound results.


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