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The Perfect Beauty Pairings

The Perfect Beauty Pairings
You invest so much time and resources into your skincare to maintain the quality of your skin that the last thing you'd want to do is ruin your track-record with makeup. The same can be said for when you finally perfect your makeup look for the day, only to have your skincare products melt everything away. Why is it that you're either team skincare or team makeup? How come the topic of mixing the two to create the ultimate beauty pairing isn't as talked about? Well, seeing as we're so team skincare but also totally team makeup, we're giving you all of our beauty secrets 😲. It's time to start pairing your die-hard skincare products with your newest M10 Makeup obsessions for the most gorgeous results💖

The Base

If you are looking to create a foundation base that will even out your complexion but still let your skin shine through, this hack is definitely for you. First and always, apply your SPF liberally, and then your moisturizer. Once everything is absorbed into your skin, spray your face with our Rejuvenating Mist. This will help prep your skin to hold onto makeup products better. Next, choose your Platinum Finish shade. The great thing about this foundation is that it is already packed with some amazing anti-ageing ingredients, like our EMC10, which will actually treat your skin while you wear it 😍.

Now, you could totally rock-it on its own since it is medium-buildable coverage, but a trick that we love doing is mixing 1 pump of Light Serum into 2 pumps of Finish. We mix them together and apply with our hands for a more natural look during the day. For fuller coverage, we'll mix the products together and apply it to our skin, in circular buffing motions, with our soft Kabuki brush. This will literally leave you with an airbrushed finish, perfect for a night out. One more spritz of Rejuvenating Mist and your makeup isn't going anywhere!

Bright (Under)Eyes

We absolutely love this trick that our senior makeup artist Alina shared with us during the launch of our makeup collection last month: Choose a concealer that is slightly lighter than the rest of your face and mix it into your eye cream for the most hydrating under eye coverage. To really brighten your under eyes, we love grabbing a jar of our Platinum Eye Lift and mixing that in with our Total Coverage Foundation & Concealer. Not only are you left with a luxurious consistency that's perfect for the delicate skin around your eyes, but the ingredients in Eye Lift will work wonders for your skin all day long.

The Perfect Pout

Does the idea of wearing a liquid lipstick sound daunting? We feel you. Thankfully, the trick to a bold lip is all in the exfoliation. Grab your favourite scrub—ours is Enzyme because it has a fine grit to it that gets the job done. Before applying any makeup to our face, we'll exfoliate our lips in a circular motion to ensure that we're getting every nook and crevice. Make sure to apply a hydrating lip balm immediately after to lock in the moisture while you complete the rest of your makeup look. Now that you have the smoothest base, your lipstick will easily apply and dry down oh so perfectly.

Going Glam

If this tip doesn't change your life, we don't know what will. Next time you're applying eyeshadow, try dampening your brush with your setting spray. The goal is to generously wet the brush without it getting soaked. Then pat your brush into your eyeshadow of choice and watch the colour payoff blow your mind. Not only will the boldness of the eyeshadows improve but it will also help will fallout during application. And since you're using your setting spray to wet the brush (and not water) your eye look will last all day and night. You're welcome!


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