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The Newest Acne-Fighter to Know About: Spot Solution

The Newest Acne-Fighter to Know About: Spot Solution

There’s nothing more disappointing than discovering that acne doesn’t discriminate when it comes to age. It’s true! Breakouts don’t necessarily end when your teenage years do. Coming to terms with adult acne is difficult, but rest assured you’re not the only one dealing with blemishes in adulthood.

The most common skin condition is acne, and while it usually strikes in the adolescent years, there are many adults battling from it as well. From minimal breakouts to full-out cystic pimples, the effects of acne on both your self-esteem and your skin can be damaging.

Adult acne is a thing, and when we say adult, we’re not just referring to those in their mid-20s. Believe it or not, acne can appear in women in both the pre and post-menopausal stage. If you had acne as a teen, it’s likely because you have oily skin that’s prone to breakouts. And, while oily skin will usually see more blemishes, it doesn’t mean those without oily skin are in the clear. It’s still possible to end up with acne regardless of your age, gender, or skin type.

What can be done?

Adult acne is a unique kind of frustration, and we understand that once you see a blemish appear, you’ll want it taken care of as quickly as possible. That’s why investing in a good spot solution will assist in keeping the look of your breakouts at bay.

Spot solutions are key for immediate breakout treatment. When it comes to reducing a blemish’s appearance, Miracle 10 Spot Solution will be your best friend.

uitable for all skin types, Spot Solution is a fast-acting treatment for acne prone/oily skin. It is designed to purify bacteria that infect the sebum blocked pores, all while reducing the appearance of acne-related redness. This clarifying wonder will deep clean the pores and reduce the look of skin infections and acne scaring.

Ingredients Matter

Every ingredient that goes into our skincare products have an important role. Whether it be delivering essential moisture, encouraging cellular turnover, or restoring the skin’s look and feel, each ingredient is carefully selected for its particular effects and its interaction with the composition as a whole.

With that being said, Spot Solution encompasses only the most quality ingredients to restore the skin’s appearance to a clearer, more refined look.

The following ingredients, which are included in Spot Solution, have important functions for the skin once a blemish appears:

  • Glycolic acid: exfoliates dead skin cells to reveal brighter, clearer skin

  • Salicylic acid: for an antimicrobial, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory effect

  • Azelic acid: antimicrobial, skin brightening, melanin inhibitor

  • Niacinamide: also known as Vitamin B3, which is designed to revive skin’s healthy texture

  • Tea tree oil: provides antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties

Our Story

We understand that you dedicate time and energy every day to the maintenance and health of your skin, and if your skincare is working, you will not only see changes, but you`ll feel them as well. That`s why we believe if you don`t notice your skin improving, then there are no appreciable changes occurring.

We’ve dedicated our time and energy into helping each and every skin concern. We realize that every has different skin, and what may work for one person, may not necessarily work for another. Our dedicated approach to understanding the skin from the inside out has enabled us to create customized product for your unique skin.

Different from our other acne products, Spot Solution is designed specifically to vastly combat the look unwanted blemishes through the combination of powerful, yet effective acids, antimicrobials, vitamins and botanicals. Each active ingredient works synergistically to keep the appearance of acne at bay, while the vitamins and botanicals soothe inflammation often caused by the breakout.

At Miracle 10, we know skin from the inside out; restoring the skin’s appearance to a more refined, younger look requires laboratory-strength, scientifically proven ingredients. Our products were developed to deliver extraordinary skin care with extraordinary results.

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