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The Glow Getter Spotlight: Kelsi Hamilton

The Glow Getter Spotlight: Kelsi Hamilton

Kelsi Hamilton is a former professional athlete and new mom of  (adorable, if we may say so) boy/girl twins. Her husband is pretty cool, too.

She started travel blogging way back when Comic Sans was considered “edgy”, but now writes about the trial and error of motherhood, keeping it as real as possible without terrifying future moms. She is also your go-to pizza concierge of Toronto.

In her spare time, she likes to eat pancakes at a delightful east end Toronto diner. Alone.


Let's jump right in, shall we? You've had quite an exciting life, Kelsi! Could you briefly explain to us your journey from being a professional athlete turned travel blogger and now mom blogger? What was the driving force behind your career move? 

It was actually a really natural transition. When I was younger, I wanted to be a writer. I was always carrying around multiple notebooks with me, writing short stories, plays, and journaling.  I was also the kid who would send those mass “here’s what I’m up to now” emails to family and friends – whether they wanted to receive them or not, lol.  By the time I was travelling and playing professional volleyball across Western Europe, I had started a basic webpage where I was documenting my playing experience and travels, and it eventually morphed into mostly travel and food adventures. And it was glorious, I mean, the font was comic sans and all my blog titles were either David Bowie or alt-rock song titles with lots of abstract photography of Danish graffiti or random Spanish alleyways… I took a lot of creative liberties 😃

So, really, I’ve been blogging for over 10 years but only in the past 5 years did I really build my website (with many updates) and begin to focus on lifestyle, and now motherhood, content.

Speaking of motherhood, we may be talking to a real-life supermom. We know how busy being a new mom can be, but you must have your hands full with twins! How do you make time for “Kelsi-time”? 

I’m not going lie, it has been incredibly difficult to take any time for myself over the past two years. I’m just now getting back into fitness and working out regularly (I honestly took better care of myself while I was pregnant than I have since the twins were born), but my biggest me time is spent having my “mask-up” nights where I have a long Epsom salt bath and go through my full face and body skincare ritual, including my fave – Miracle 10 Mask. I listen to a 30-minute podcast or a guided meditation and do my best to tune everything else out. I do the full ritual once a week, but I soak 3-4 times a week.

My other main form of self-care is treating myself to a pancake brunch, alone, about every two weeks. There is an adorable diner near me that has, in my opinion, the best pancakes in the city and NO Wi-Fi.  I will go there on a morning I have childcare help, turn my phone off, and sit with my notebook and scheduler and take an hour to plan out my day or week on paper all while crushing old fashioned griddle cakes and diner coffee. 

Remind us to grab the name of that diner after our interview. Let's switch gears for a bit. Social media can have its moments and it's safe to say that we’ve all had times of self-doubt. What do you find helps you feel your most authentic self?   

Ooof. Yeah, the comparison game is strong and can be very damaging to your perception of self. For me, I actually feel like I’m most creative and happiest when I’m not on social. It’s too easy to fall down the rabbit hole of what others are posting, and wonder why you hadn’t thought of a certain idea, or why you weren’t able to work with a certain brand, or why it looks like every single mom on the planet has their shit together when you’ve already cried 3 times before 11 am. 

I limit my time on Instagram to one hour a day and make it a point to never be on it when I’m with my kids.  I don’t post nearly as much to stories, because I started to feel like I always had my camera out with the babies.  I schedule time for posting and responding either early in the morning, during nap or in the evening, but only once a day. I have also unfollowed a lottttt of accounts that I no longer feel connected to.

I also try to share real-life moments of my motherhood experience (without oversharing as I would never want to embarrass my husband or children). I think it’s so important for new moms to know that they aren’t alone in whatever parenting phase they’re in.  One of my favourite things is if either I overhear some moms talking at the park, or they overhear me talking about something super weird that one of my kids does, and there is this moment of relief and connection like, “Oh, thank god your kid/husband/wife/mother-in-law/therapist says or does that, too!  I/We/They are human after all!!

Time to chat about beauty. At Miracle 10, we’re all about embracing your inner Glow Getter. For us, that’s by taking care of our skin to make sure it’s as healthy and beautiful as it can be. What tips or tricks do you follow to make you feel your most beautiful and powerful?  

I used to suffer from cystic acne so regular chemical peels are a must for me and my skin. The Miracle 10 Peel was my first introduction to the brand and to peels, and it made such a difference in my skin’s health and appearance. I also drink a ton of water. I mean, seriously, a ton. I start my day with a huge water bottle before I let myself even think about coffee, and then make sure to finish 2 more during the day, and then another large bottle before I go to bed. 

I also never say no to a bold colourful lip. I feel the most like me when I’m rocking some bright fuschia or coral lipstick, it helps me radiate confidence especially if I’m going on my third day of dry shampoo and 5 hours of sleep.

I’ve also started reading a lot of personal development books, because I found myself stuck in a mental rut. I’m learning about abundance and manifestation, and trying to retrain my brain with some mindset shifts that have 100000% helped me overcome the trials and tribulations of this whole mom-by-fire life that I’ve been living for the past 20 months.  

Quick! You’ve left packing to the last minute and running late for a flight. You only have time to grab a few things off your bathroom counter and throw it into your suitcase. What are your top must-haves that you couldn’t live without?

Ah! This is a tough one… obviously my first grab is the Miracle 10 Travel Skincare Kit 😘  I can’t leave without mascara, my brow pen, my calm essential oil rollerball,  and – of course – at least one bright lipstick.  Oh, and dental floss. I always have to have floss haha.

In your words, what does it mean to be a Glow Getter? 

To me, a Glow Getter is someone who is unapologetic of their flair and talent, who lives their passion as part of their day-to-day life, with grace and tact.  Basically, fabulous and kind!


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