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The Glow Getter Spotlight: Ann Marie

The Glow Getter Spotlight: Ann Marie

Glow Getter

Someone who follows her/his passion and style. She doesn’t try to force herself into another’s vision of who she should be.
Being your true authentic self is the ultimate Glow Getter. 

"Oh, Ann Marie, you're just the ultimate Glow Getter!"


This week, in honour of our founder's birthday, we're kicking off our very first Glow Getter Spotlight with the wonderful Ann Marie McDonald. We've been dying to know where our O.G. Glow Getter first found her glow. You know, that distinctive Ann-quality that has her recognized for being such a gentle and kind person.

Happiest of birthdays, Ann! How do you like to spend your special day? 

Thank you! Always with family and friends – outside in the summer sunshine! It's a fuss-free day.

So tell us, what was your passion when you were younger?

In my late teens and early twenties, I was passionate about studying ballet. I was hoping to be a professional dancer but because I did not have the opportunity to study until my late teens, dancing professionally was not in the cards for me. But I did study dance full-time at Ryerson and was able to spend a summer at the Banff Centre for the Arts and had the time of my life. I was able to support myself teaching dance while I was studying for an undergraduate degree in Psychology at university – another passion of mine. 


Wow, it all makes sense now. Knowing where your inherent softness and beauty stems from... Ballet! Ok, let's fast forward some odd years. Having accomplished all that you have to date, we'd like to know: Is the hustle still important to you at this point in your life?

I must confess to being completely consumed by self-development projects and the psychology of personal achievement. I am constantly challenging myself to improve in so many areas: business goals, personal goals such as improving my level of fitness, strength, flexibility. New goals in the number of books I read and listened to, words written in my daily journal... The list goes on.

We can assume that being a dancer on stage and eventually owning a company feels like it would require a lot of self-confidence. We'd love to know, at what age did you truly feel your utmost self?

I’d have to say that that time is now. This kind of confidence comes from many years of life experience; knowing how to live your life and how to treat those you interact with on a daily basis with compassion, kindness and consideration. 

Being as fabulous as you are, it's hard to imagine you ever dealing with moments of self-doubt. What self-care methods do you make time for when you are not feeling 100%?

We all have our moments, believe me. I find that when I’m stressed and perhaps a little tired, the best solution for me is to go for a walk, preferably in nature and near a lake. If it’s storming outside I'll go for an indoor walk on the treadmill and follow that with 20 minutes of meditation. Works like a charm to re-balance things. 

We know you're an avid reader... If you could time travel, which book would you give to yourself when you were first starting your career?

James Clear’s book Atomic Habits. It talks about mental toughness and how to achieve your goals no matter what obstacles you are facing. He discusses and demonstrates how daily habits allow you to achieve your big-picture goals. Brilliant.   

Quick! If you had to choose between your signature scent or lipstick, which would you choose? 

Lipstick, hands down. My signature colour, Niagara Mist, is perfect for any occasion. The office, a date, the beach - even an upcoming trip to England. Now, I'm off to pack my suitcase! Thanks for chatting.


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