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The Glow Getter Guides: Skin Brightening

The Glow Getter Guides: Skin Brightening

Achieving a bright complexion doesn't have to be difficult. Seriously! We believe everyone deserves a healthy glow and no, it doesn't require chasing TikTok trends or experimenting with intense formulations. We love writing these blogs to help educate our readers about the importance of skin health and it turns out, so do all of you! Our Glow Getter community is something we're super proud of and it only continues to grow and grow. So, when we asked you all to review your top products for a brighter complexion, you made sure to not disappoint.

Fade Out

There's an inner confidence that forms when you finally find a skincare product that just *gets it* and Fade Out is one of those reliable staples. Our dark spot treatment was formulated to brighten the look of acne scarring and other blotches. Not only do we use a unique blend of extracts and peptides, it's specifically praised for its dry-down texture. We've added silicone and the ingredient lumisphere in its formula so it dries down matte with a light-reflecting effect for that youthful glow. We totally get what you mean, Kristine!

Renewal Complex

When you're formulated with 3 different acids, you know you're a powerhouse. That's why Renewal Complex is la crème de la crème leave-on exfoliant from our Platinum Collection that is infused with with three varying levels of acids for the ultimate glow. Gycolic, salicylic and succinic acid work together, alongside vitamin C and niacinamide, to brighten and strengthen your complexion. It truly is a one-of-a-kind treatment and is even suitable for all skin types and tones. We love your hot tip, TW! Time for an at-home facial.

Cleanser I

Okay, listen up all of you sensitive-skinned glow getters. We're here to debunk the idea that those of us with delicate skin cannot achieve radiance. This exact reason is why we developed two strengths of our pH balanced, cult-classic face washes. Cleanser I is not only perfect for the most sensitive complexions, but it actually does an excellent job at gently cleansing and hydrating the skin. Formulated with brightening botanicals and extracts including vitamins C and E, you know you're getting a thorough cleanse without over-stripping your skin. Just ask, Kenan!

Sunscreen Lotion SPF 45

It goes without saying that sunscreen protection is an absolutely vital part of any skincare routine, regardless if you follow a 3-step or 10-step regimen. And while we're in the works of restocking our best selling SPF 30, we've put out an alternative sunblock for all of your UV protection needs. Sunscreen Lotion SPF 45 is a completely new formula, designed to give your skin this glow-from-within luminosity with zero white cast. It's perfect for all skin tones and a great option for our dry, dehydrated shoppers. Isn't that right, Samira?


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