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The Glow Getter Gift Guide: Black Friday Picks


We all know the feeling of the holidays creeping up on you, and this year is certainly no exception. The time for gift giving is a lot closer than you think... Like 40-shopping-days-left close and scrambling for a last-minute gift can seriously rob anyone of their holiday spirit. Thankfully, we've got just the thing to make shopping a breeze and keep your spirits high. Our biggest sale of the year is only a week away and we've got a little something for everyone, including those hardest to shop for.

You see, all year long, our glow getters have been putting in the work by reviewing their fave products and currating a list of items that would make for the perfect present. You just didn't know it yet! Without further adieu, it's time for the 2022 Gift Guide, as determined by you—our incredible glow getter community.

Sometimes the best gift you can give someone is the gift of choice—let your loved one shop for their fave skincare goodie. There's nothing more reasonable than receiving a Miracle 10 gift card! You can set the card for as much as $100, and it will be electronically delivered straight into their inbox. Talk about the easiest holiday gift ever.

Gifts for the teen who suddenly cares about their complexion:

If you know, you know—in fact, we've all been there so we definitly know. Puberty and hormonal acne can really take a toll on not only your skin, but your self-esteem, too. This is why we encourage the establishment of a high-quality skincare routine at a younger age. Not only does this set them up for success as they get older, but their skin may not be equiped to handle the excess sebum and acne on its own. So, if you know of a teenager suffering with acne, we have a number of incredible pimple-fighting products to get their skin on track. Did you know you can build your very own Starter Collection? You can create the perfect acne-prone Starter Collection and gift it to someone in need. Now that makes for the perfect present, if we don't mind saying so. If you’re looking for something on a smaller scale, we recommend reaching for the starter trio; Cleanser II, Solution II, and Light serum. A simple regime can make all the difference!

Gifts for those who love you like their own:

Whether it's a grandparent, a parent or someone you've chosen as a parental figure, the ultimate gift is a treat from our Platinum Collection (in our humble opinion). Night Repair is truly crème de la crème. Its creamy and luxurious texture is formulated address sun damage and visible signs of ageing. Or, make things sweeter by opting for the Advanced Anti-Ageing Set that includes our Platinum Stem Cell Serum & Renewal Complex. Two cult-faves for a reason, they seriously pack a punch when combined for the ultimate PM routine.

For those looking for less glam and hoping take up a bit more realestate, our Body Works Set is exactly what you need. Body care only gets more cumbersome as you age. Make it easier (and delicious) for your loved ones with our cosmeceutical skincare line for the body.

Gifts for someone expecting:

We often learn about those who become pregnant and avoid skincare out of fear their faves are no longer baby-safe. And rightfully so! So, we looked through our archives and dug a little deeper within our list of ingredients to give you (and baby) peace of mind. Our products are pregnancy and breast-feeding safe with the exception of our Retinol products. So, go ahead and stock up on their fave cleanser and moisturizer. Or better yet, treat them to one of our best sellers like our Super C. It even works wonders for those tackling melasma. All they'll need to do is mix it into one of our AHA products or their fave moisturizer for some major Vitamin C protection.

Last but certainly not least, gifts for yourself... Because who else is going to treat you better than you? The good news is that Black Friday is right around the corner. So we put together a list of some of our team's go-to top picks:

1. Body Silk
Starting off strong with our luxurious body moisturizer to make up for the dry, cold weather we’re about to receive. Body Silk is infused with 2% niacinamide, caffeine, squalane, and fruit and nut extracts to add hydration back into the skin and lock it there!

2. Solution
We simply can't go without Solution in our AM or PM routines. Exfoliating is a game changer, especially if you're trying to get the glazed donut look like Ms. Hailey Bieber. Our Solution II contains glycolic acid and kojic acid to renew the skin cells and tighten blemishes over time. From winter to summer, we're always incorporating Solution.

3. Intensive Hand Repair
Our hands are the most exposed to our environmental suroundings. This will leave them dried, cracked and could even lead to pain and discomfort. We recommend popping an Intensive Hand Repair in your stocking. Its ingredients leave the hands soft and hydrated hands they stay that way even after washing your hands multiple times throughout the day.

4. Night
One of the team's favourite products from our OG collection is Night. It's a moisturizer that is set to lock in hydration while you snooze. Talk about a two-in-one! It contains Silicone and Hylauronic Acid to soften your skin and make it smooth to the touch.

Shipping Cut-offs:

Get your gift in time - order by these dates to receive it before the holidays:

December 16

December 12

December 9

For all of our local glow getters, take advantage of our in-store shopping or online pick-up at both of our locations in Ontario. For online orders, simply select, "Pickup" under the delivery method as well as the nearest boutique location to you. Your orders can be ready for pick-up within the day for Mississauga Order.


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