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The Glow Getter Guides: Summer Skin


If there's one thing we love most, it's learning all about your skin health journey and how we were able to be a part of it in some small (or big!) way. Your emails, phone calls and reviews are like love letters out for our hearts. We're not kidding around when we say that we truly take the time to read each and every message. No one knows our products the way you, our glow getters, do. And when something works, it works (looking at you, SPF 30) and we treasure the time you take to share your kind words with us. So last week, when the sunshine decided to make a long-awaited entrance, we knew we had to look to you, our glow getters, to help us adjust our skincare routines and better navigate the hot, summer months ahead. 


Mask is our "It girl" and we'd argue that she's one of the best in the game. Suitable for all skin types, including the most sensitive, Mask will nourish and hydrate your complexion while soothing irritation. It even makes an excellent remedy for active breakouts. Our self-care days look a lot like our favourite throwback movie:  our preferred beverage in hand, face rocking Mask.

Just ask Lindsay and she'll tell you all about it:

HD Lashes Mascara 

Summer nights calls for several night outs, which calls for a tried-and-true mascara! Our HD Lashes only requires one coat for the perfect lash, but if you love to go glam, this mascara builds beautifully. High definition, long-lasting wear and mega volume will last you all throughout the night.

Here's what Kim had to say about it:


Experts are calling for a spicy summer and just the thought of it causes us to sweat. Excess sebum and inflammation is bound to happen, whether or not you consider yourself acne-prone. But for those of us who are susceptible to acne flareups, you'll want to add Veil to your skincare routine. Veil is our antibacterial face cream designed to form a silicone barrier on the skin to reduce oil product and tackle hyperpigmentation. Apply a teaspoon on the skin after cleansing, every other night, for optimal results!

Were not the only ones who love Veil, just ask Michaela:

Cleanser II 

With Summer just around the corner, we're ready to switch gears and upgrade our skincare routine to match the season. That means we're going to need a quality face wash to tackle the inevitable summer breakout. Dirt, debris and oil are one of the many factors that cause blackheads, clogged pores, and acne. Our Cleanser II is known to remove excess dirt, makeup and sebum. Infused with exfoliating properties like Glycolic Acid, it'll leave your skin supple and ready for the day.

Leave it to Danielle to tell us about her experience:


Retinol 60 Treatment 

Glowing and healthy skin is always in, and Retinol is the best in the game. Acne scars and discolouration is totally normalwe've all got spots. But if you know, you know and we can all agree that using a retinoid enhances the quality and health of our skin. Our Retinol 60 is made up of 0.6% of Vitamin A combined with a unique blend of botanical emollients for a smoother, brighter complexion. A teaspoon a few times a week can go along way!

Talk about glowing skin - here's what Fi had to say about it!


Botanical Oil

Our unique formula uses 12 specifically chosen flower, seed and fruit oil extracts. Some of our faves include Argan Oil and Camellia Japonica Seed Oil, both known for their anti-inflammatory effects. Our formulation, thanks to the infusion of these specialty ingredients, is designed to nourish, heal and protect the skin regardless of your skin type or concern. Are you someone who has chronically dry skin? You'll love Botanical Oil Concentrate. Dealing with breakouts? You've got to try this oil. Looking to soothe your irritated skin barrier? Botanical Oil is *the* pick.

Just ask our skincare bestie, Trish: 

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