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Storing Skincare

Storing Skincare
Has storing your skincare anywhere but your medicine cabinet ever crossed your mind? When spending a pretty fortune on your beloved beauty products, potentially degrading its efficacy because of some 'shower steam' feels like a misuse of your hard-earned cash. Excessive fluctuations between hot and cold temperatures could cause more harm than good to your go-to face cream and here's why.

Sunlight, temperature, and humidity can impair the efficiency, potency and even safety (too much moisture = bacteria growth = 🙅‍♀️) of your fave potions and lotions.  Generally speaking, designating a spot in a dry, cool cabinet is the safest place to store your skincare products. However, certain ones require a little extra attention.

Maybe you've seen these mini-beauty-fridge contraptions while aimlessly scrolling through Instagram (or maybe we're the only ones seeing those sponsored ads...🤷). Companies are now jumping on the refrigeration bandwagon, manufacturing tiny, portable refrigerators created solely for your skincare and beauty tools. Unnecessary? You be the judge but these guys may be on to something. 

Certain products are highly sensitive to the sun. Ingredients like vitamin c and retinoids can actually break down when exposed to heat and sunlight, diminishing their strength. Your expensive Vitamin C treatments and Retinols should 100% be kept in a cool, dry place if it isn't already. Just make sure to avert any sun-exposed areas, like your windowsill. You'll also want to avoid keeping it out in the open during a steaming-hot shower (which is also a 🙅‍♀️ for skin health!). This also rings true for any natural or 'organic' beauty products you may have laying around. Natural skincare already has a shorter shelf-life so storing it a cool location can help prolong its longevity. So, if you've chosen to keep your skincare in your family-shared fridge, we won't judge but know that it isn't totally necessary.
Now, skincare products that should totally avoid the cold? You'll obviously want to make sure your oil-based products stay away from the rest of your condiments. Colder temperatures can cause the ingredients to separate, rendering it useless! Lastly, always make sure to tightly seal the lids and caps on all of your products to prevent any bacteria from contaminating the formulas.

Bonus Tip:

Place your favourite eye cream in the freezer for a few minutes for an extra cool pick-me-up in the morning. The colder temperature will help decompress any puffiness you may be rocking and seriously wake you up🙏



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