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Stem Cell Serum FTW

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As a pioneer in the Canadian skincare industry, we love learning about new ingredients and testing out different formulas. It's why we like to pride ourselves in having an assortment of products suited for all skin types and concerns, from sensitive skin to acne-prone and beyond. It's very rare for a company to be able to formulate a "miracle" serum that not only suits all skin types but actually puts in the work. 

This tall drink of water is what we consider a regenerative serum. We've formulated it with high-quality ingredients that improve the skin's renewal process to keep the skin looking youthful for the long-term. Stem Cell Serum's formula is infused with three-types of plant stem-cells and an A-list of botanicals. With continual use, your skin will visibly appear stronger over time. Best of all, it's suitable for all skin types. And honestly, it just feels so good to put on. Stem Cell Serum has healing and soothing ingredients to calm irritation your skin may be battling while also tackling any lingering hyperpigmentation. Sign us up!

When using a serum that is formulated with so many powerful ingredients, it's essential to give your skin the time it needs to absorb it all in. We recommend using Stem Cell Serum 2-3 times per week in the evening onto freshly cleansed skin. Don't forget to fully massage the product into the skin to make sure every drop is soaked up and make sure to follow-up with a high-quality moisturizer to help lock it into place while you sleep.  

🗝️Major Key Ingredients🗝️

• Symphytum Officinale Callus Culture extract🌱 This ingredient is known to improve the skin's renewal process by aiding your cell-turnover rate. It will help shed away any dead skin and boost new cell growth.

• Rhododendron Ferrugineum Leaf Cell Culture Extract🍃 Who doesn't want to reverse signs of ageing? This extract will strengthen your skin over continual use by improving skin proteins.

• Vitamin C 🌞 We're such big fans of Vitamin C for so many reasons: It can help reverse signs of photo-ageing, prevents further damage and stimulates collagen production. Read more about Vitamin C and its benefits here.

So if you're a skincare-junkie looking to settle down or simply looking for a one-and-done serum, Platinum Stem Cell Serum is definitely for you. Have you tried our Stem Cell Serum? We want to know what you love most about it below! P.s. we think a bottle would look perfect in your next shelfie 😉 


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