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Spring Beauty Clean-out

Spring Beauty Clean-out
It's spring (almost) and only a few months since Marie Kondo's Netflix series took the world by storm. So naturally, we're in the mood for a good tidy. With your facebook followers primed for a new decluttering before and after, it's time to roll up our sleeves: we're going to Marie Kondo the bathroom cabinet. Get ready to pare down your beauty collection🙌 

To begin the purge, pick a large surface in your home and gather all of your makeup, skincare and miscellaneous beauty products onto it. Once you have all of your products in front of you, be honest and section them into a 'keep' pile and a 'toss' pile. Don't worry if your 'keep' pile seems to be significantly greater than your 'toss', we'll be trimming things down even further. 

Next up, expiration dates. Has it ever occurred to you that beauty products expire? Bet you didn't even know toothpaste expires! Before committing to everything in that 'keep' pile of yours, check the expiration dates for each product - especially your sunscreen collection. You can usually find the expiry date on the packaging of a product but If you've thrown out the box or can't seem to find the date, examine the texture and smell of it (especially if you've had it for more than 1 year). One sure-fire way to check if your sunscreen has expired is whether the consistency of the cream has separated. Using expired sunscreen is a serious no-no as it could lead to irritated skin and of course, painful burns☀️

Now, your 'keep' pile may seem fewer but chances are you're still hanging onto stuff that should be passed along. Do you have a few products in your cabinet that you've barely used? Maybe you stopped liking it or never did in the first place. If you have a few things in good condition, consider giving it to a friend or family member who might be into it. This may be a little tougher with makeup products (for obvious sanitary reasons). 

So, how do you determine if you actually don't like a product? What if you get rid of that one moisturizer, only to wish you hadn't tossed it in the first place? If you find yourself in the situation, simply ask yourself whether it gives you joy. Seriously! Marie Kondo was totally onto something here. Why keep that bottle of shampoo if you honestly can't stand the smell of it? Cut the cord and dispose of your 'toss' pile appropriately. 

Congratulations!🎉 You've successfully slimmed down your collection to your top picks. Now make sure there's a place to store everything. We like to keep our makeup organized in a compartmentalized cosmetics case so everything is easily accessible. And for skincare, try to keep harmonious products together like your day cream and sunscreen, your face mask and your exfoliants and your night cream with your evening treatments. This will make your daily rituals so much easier to follow and way more enjoyable.

Do you have any organizational tips you can't live without? Comment below to share. Don't forget to let us know how your spring beauty clean-out goes and tag us in your before and after declutter!📷 


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