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Skin Prep for Holiday Glam

Skin Prep for Holiday Glam
If you haven't already noticed... the holidays are in full swing. And for us at Miracle 10, we can't help but get into the holiday spirit (although we could totally do without this Canadian cold). One of the ways we like to "spread our cheer" is to glam-it-up. You know, a little extra highlighter, sharp winged liner and don't even get us started with glitter - we're here for it all. And whether you're a daytime glamazon or a special occasion glow-getter, prepping your skin for makeup application is a crucial beauty step for so many reasons. 


#1: Prep for skin health

Before applying any makeup look, you'll want to make sure you're taking care of your skin health before, during and after makeup application. Following a skincare routine that best suits your skin type will help combat acne, fine lines and dry patches. Healthy skin will make for an easier and smoother makeup application. And with a natural glow, you may even feel the need to apply less product on your face. But no matter how much makeup you apply, always take the time to remove your makeup, for goodness sake. Sleeping in your makeup will contribute to clogged pores, a dull complexion and can even cause early signs of ageing!

 #2: Prep for a Smooth Application

After taking extremely good care of your skin by following a quality routine, you'll want to prep your face for the smoothest makeup application possible. That, friends, requires exfoliation. But we're not looking for a heavy-duty scrub. A gentle chemical or physical exfoliation is all you need to slough away dead skin cells. For this step, we love to bring out Enzyme - it really is one of the most gentle physical exfoliants around (and boy does it smell delish!). Follow-up with a hydrating moisturizer and your face will become the smoothest possible base for makeup application. 

 #3: Prep for a Lasting Look

 Primer, primer, primer. And a setting spray, but we'll get to that. If you're looking for long-lasting makeup wear, you'll need a primer. Look for a hydrating product that will keep your skin supple and smooth all throughout the day. Did you know our Light Serum is not only a universal moisturizer but also a makeup primer? Our makeup artists swear by it and if you've ever frequented our boutiques, chances are they've applied it to your face before getting to work! Once your makeup is done, your eyeliner's even and you've swiped on a coat of Lipshine, you'll want to lock-it in place. We love to use Rejuvenating Mist for this exact reason. Not only is it a therapeutic spray that soothes the skin, but it will seal your makeup look all day long. 


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    Thanks Victoria for your help. I have dropped using the AHA at night and my skin is fine now. I will gradually reintroduce it later. We have recently moved and the air is very dry here so I am noticing some changes to my skin from the environmental changes.

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    Hi Miriam! We definitely don’t want any burning and irritated skin so thanks for reaching out. It’s important to note that our skincare products are formulated with some of the highest-quality ingredients available. Sometimes that means our products can be more on the strong side! We always recommend a patch test before using or layering products. I myself have sensitive skin and cannot use both layered on top of one another. Perhaps you should try alternating nights of use. And if the discomfort continues, you can always come by to one of our clinics to have one of our Medical Aestheticians give you a complimentary consultation to get to the bottom of your skin needs!

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    I started using the age defying skin care collection before Christmas. When I use the toner and the AHA before bed, my skin stings and has a burning sensation. The night cream helps to ease it but not completely. The burning usually goes away but I still have some stinging after I am in bed. I love the products. What should I do?!

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