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Product Spotlight: Enzyme

Product Spotlight: Enzyme

Do you sometimes feel like your skin just needs a physical exfoliant? Nothing too harsh but something a bit more effective than a washcloth to the skin? Say no more. Let us introduce you to the gentlest facial scrub your skin will ever need. Meet Enzyme. This beauty has so many benefits but let us start with the obvious.

The first time you open a jar of Enzyme, you'll immediately notice the scent. It's naturally fragranced by the perfect formulation of fennel oil and fruit enzymes along with hyaluronic acid to not only free your skin of impurities but also plump it up. It smells divine and for that reason alone, we're adding a few to our cart. We use two exotic fruit enzymes, bromelain and papain, which are found naturally in pineapple and papaya. These enzymes are jam-packed with goodness for your skin but also provide a gentle exfoliation to rid your complexion of any dead skin cells. Exfoliation is crucial for your skin health for a few reasons. Not only does it make way for fresh, healthy skin to reach the surface but it also removes any trapped bacteria and sebum from your pores.

After an Enzyme treatment, you're left with smooth, glowing skin. We like to do a physical exfoliation 1-2 times a week, depending on our skin type and season. We usually save it for a Sunday spa night so we don't feel rushed to complete our skincare routine. You'll first want to cleanse your face and neck with a gentle wash like Cleanser I or II and pat dry. This removes any surface grime that has accumulated from the day. Next, we apply a dollop of Enzyme in our palms and gently begin to massage it into our face and neck for approximately 1-3 minutes. Work in circular motions and don't forget to use a soft hand!

It's at this time we like to boost our exfoliation by adding a couple of pumps of Toner or Solution I/II to our fingertips. We'll gently massage for another 2-3 minutes. What this will do is reactivate the enzymes in the scrub for a more thorough exfoliation. Once you're done massaging your face, use a warm washcloth to wipe everything away and continue on with your routine.

Note: If you have sensitive or reactive skin, we'd recommend skipping the booster and gently washing away Enzyme with a damp washcloth.

Et voilà! Your skin is officially ezymed. Okay, we made that word up but trust us when we say your skin will look more radiant immediately. And it only gets better when you follow a consistent routine! Have you used Enzyme before? Let us know in the comments below.


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