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Product Spotlight: Botanical Oil

Product Spotlight: Botanical Oil
We don't know about you, but it's usually around this time of the year when we're desperate for some added hydration. Give us all of the moisture! But, have you ever google searched "facial oils?" The confusion is real. That's when we realized it's been a hot minute since we've spotlighted this OG winter staple, our golden elixir of vitamins and nutrients - Botanical Oil.

What is Botanical Oil?

Our lightweight facial oil is infused with 12 seed, flower and fruit oil extracts that work together in aiding dry skin while simultaneously reversing the signs of aging. It's also known for brightening and clearing the look of inflammation on the skin. Talk about a knockout.

Why We're So Obsessed

If that wasn't enough, Botanical Oil is your holy grail when your moisture barrier has become compromised. Since it's non-comedogenic and won't clog your pores, even the most acne-prone skin types can benefit from its formula. This is due to its anti-inflammatory and skin calming properties. With its powerful combination of vitamins A, C, D, E and F, you're providing your skin with the tools to not only brighten your complexion but also prevent water loss and plump up the look of your skin.

How To Use Botanical Oil

When selecting a facial oil, it's imperative to look at the ingredient list before applying it to your skin. This is because more often than not, the formulas of these oils can be comedogenic, greasy and unpleasant to use. In other words, more trouble than it's worth. Thankfully, our Botanical Oil is safe for all skin types and even encouraged for those faced with inflammation like acne and chronic dryness.
First off, you want to make sure your skin is clean before applying. By cleansing, toning and exfoliating first, you're prepping your skin for better absorption and penetration into your dermis. So, on clean skin, apply a few drops into your palm and gently press it into your face - don't forget your neck!
We usually recommend using Botanical Oil at night since you're giving your body the time it needs to "digest" all of those nutrients and get to work. That being said, with the changes in our day-to-day routines (due to COVID-19), feel free to apply it after your morning cleanse, too.

Bonus Tip:

Are you dealing with extra dryness and inflammation due to wearing a face mask all day? Maybe the fabric or material is causing bothersome itchiness and driving you nuts. Try applying Botanical Oil before putting your mask on. Since the formula is incredibly light-weight, it'll absorb into your skin so quickly as if it's barely there. Give it a try and thank us later 😉

Key Active Ingredients

  • Argan Oil: Incredible for reducing the signs of ageing, healing skin irregularities and producing anti-oxidant protection
  • Camellia Japonica Seed Oil: Known for its effect on collagen production and anti-inflammatory properties
  • Helichrysum Italicum Flower Oil: to reduce the appearance of acne and promote a glowing complexion


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