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New & Noteworthy: March 2020

New & Noteworthy: March 2020
This is not a drill - the first day of Spring is in just THREE days. Consider this Canadian-based office thrilled about this news - we are ready for some warmer temperatures and sunshine. If you're looking for some light reading while spending more time at home these next few weeks, here are some of our recent favourites including a rundown on retinol, some jarring stats on why keeping makeup in the bathroom is a no, and hair trends we'll be adding to our rotation this Spring.

This must-read from Refinery29 might make you rethink where you stash your makeup - according to the study featured, "microbiologists tested a range of used makeup products and found that 79-90% of items were contaminated with bacteria. Some of the bacteria found are potentially harmful to our health, and can make us sick or result in an eye or skin infection." Say what?! It's a great reminder on keeping things clean and monitoring those expiry dates, especially on products like mascara and eye liner.

From 90s throwback 'dos to pearly accessories, we're taking this inspo right to the hair salon this month. Even if you're not looking for a drastic change, the accessory inspo here is A+.

It's an understatement to say we're just fans of retinol around the Miracle 10 office - we swear by it, and this article from Well + Good backs up what we know and love about this hero ingredient. If you're new to the product, this walks you through a great way to start small and move up in strength (we offer ours in three different concentrations for this reason).

Anyone else constantly going down a TikTok rabbit hole? Just us? If you're not addicted to the app yet, BuzzFeed rounded up some fun beauty hacks that have made the rounds - we're all for making our routines easier and more efficient.

We loved this story from The Method Male founder Saleam Singleton and his journey through discovering skincare and beauty as a form of self expression, and a way for him to create a space for other men to do the same. We personally are loving this shift in our industry towards eliminating gender norms - skincare and beauty truly is for everyone! We really loved this quote, "To me, self-care is a radical act, something men have been told isn't for them. A lot of men are just being introduced to the benefits of taking care of their bodies, and most importantly, their minds. These days, more men are prioritizing their mental health and wellness. When men invest time in maintaining themselves, it eventually becomes a reflection of their inner value—it's empowering." Amen, Saleam 👏

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