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Miracle 10: Vegan?

Miracle 10: Vegan?

Clean, naturally sourced, high-quality and made in Canada. That's what we're all about. And after a recent discovery, we're super excited to share with you which products in our collection are now verified as vegan.


Our formulas are composed of laboratory-strength, certified ingredients. A special combination of manufactured active ingredients, in conjunction with naturally-derived vitamins and botanical extracts, work together to stimulate your skin for proven results. Our products mean serious business and have scientifically demonstrated the ability to slow the signs of ageing while improving skin elasticity, texture, and tone.

Did we also mention that all of our products are fragrance-free and paraben-free? And we never test on animals. Ever. That's why our products are not formulated with animal products or animal bi-products and our ingredients are plant-based. That means our skincare collection is entirely vegan with the exception of a few select products.

After further examination, we've determined that the following items contain a cholesterol derived from sheep’s wool: Night Repair, Rich Moisture, VeilAHA Cream, Fade Out and Botanical Oil Concentrate. You may be wondering why we've decided to include this particular ingredient in some of our products. This cholesterol (also known as C10-30 Cholesterol or Lanosterol Esters) has this incredible ability to mimic skin lipids. Through its highly emollient properties, it's able to strengthen and repair the skin's barrier and overall health.

So, how do companies gather this ingredient exactly? When sheep are herded and sheared, the oil in the wool (lanolin) is extracted before being made into fabric. There is NO animal cruelty involved in this process. Once extracted, chemists are then able to remove what is needed to create C10-30 Cholesterol, truly is a vital ingredient found in a few of our most hydrating moisturizers.

We're happy to report that C10-30 Cholesterol is the only animal bi-product found in our skincare. But that's not the case for all skincare on the market. There is a multitude of ingredients that may sound synthetic or unnatural, when in fact, are animal-derived (no girl). Ingredients such as Carmine, a red dye produced by cochineal beetles, Gelatin, a binding agent from the connective tissue of animals and even Keratin, found in many hair-care products but unfortunately, a protein sourced from ground-up horns and hooves of animals. Each of these ingredients has a purpose but not at the expense of an animal. 


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