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Inside a Nurse Injector's Beauty Routine

Inside a Nurse Injector's Beauty Routine

Meet Nurse Sylvia Comacchio-Dodd. She is a nurse injector over at MD Beauty Clinic. She received her nursing degree in 1998 and has been practicing aesthetic nursing for the past 10 years. Sylvia’s first foray into aesthetic nursing started with laser hair removal and gradually progressed to more advanced approaches involving cosmetic lasers and injectables. We sat down with Nurse Sylvia to get an inside scoop of what's inside a Nurse Injector's beauty routine.

Hi Nurse Sylvia 👋 Thank you for being our first Glow Getter of 2023! Could you briefly explain to our readers your professional journey as a nurse getting into the cosmetic industry?

After completing nursing school, I then went to night school to become an aesthetician, hoping to transition into cosmetic nursing. As lasers became more popular in the early 2000’s I transition into a laser tech. Cosmetic medicine was not that popular – it was really only plastic surgery. I have almost 20+ years in the cosmetic industry. It started as a laser tech and then I opened my own clinic in 2011. I started working at MD Beauty Clinic in 2020 as a nurse injector.

Wow, safe to say we're all in great hands when we visit you at MD Beauty Clinic! What was it that inspired you to switch from a clinical nurse to an aesthetic nurse and injector?

I love making people feel good about themselves and it’s a nice way to have your hand in medicine and still change people lives. It marries art into medicine.

Best of both worlds. So, does that mean you've always had love for all things beauty and skincare?

Actually no, I used to wash my face with Dove and moisturize with Nivea up until I was 30. I didn’t realize importance of medical grade skincare until I started using it and it changed my life. I started using Miracle 10 in 2020 during quarantine. Once I started working at MD Beauty Clinic, I had the opportunity to start using Miracle 10 and I have been obsessed with it ever since.

Welcome to the team, glow getter. We want to know, is it safe to use skincare even when you've had cosmetic work done?

It’s always encouraged to use medical grade skincare to protect your investment of Botox and filler. Your face is like a canvas, the better the condition it is, the better the work will look.

They say the universe throws us challenges to help guide us through life. As a breast cancer survivor, how has this experience changed your approach to skincare?

I’ve battled breast cancer from July of 2015 up up until March of 2016. With countless rounds of radiation and chemotherapy it definitely took a big hit on my skin.  After surviving breast cancer chemo and radiation caused my skin to feel really dry and flakey. I had to use a much heavier moisturizer in my routine and a very gentle cleanser to get it back on track. My journey now is all about living in the moment and as present as possible.

Thank you for sharing your experience with us. As a mom and working full time as a nurse injector, how do you find time to ground yourself and pamper yourself?

Red wine, spa days and lots of patience. I walk my dogs after work and get some nice fresh air. I find change of scenery brings me a new perspective.  

With such a jam-packed schedule, is your skincare routine as intense as we imagine?

My routine is actually very basic but it gets the job done. My night routine is:

  1. Washing my makeup off with Cleanser I
  2. I apply Eye Treatment to keep my eye circles nice and hydrated
  3. I follow through with Retinol 30 to tackle ageing, inflammation, and strength my skin.
My morning routine is:
  1. Cleanser I
  2. Light Serum
  3. Most importantly, SPF 45 all over my face, neck and ears. And cant forget the lips.
What are your fave products that you have to have in your bag at all times?

I cant live without Enzyme. It exfoliates that dead layer of skin and gives you that glow. Definitely lip balm and bronzer. Can’t leave the house without them in my bag.

We've all been there... What’s your advice for someone who is struggling with their skin?

Go back to the basics and start adding active products. Getting good skin is work and patience. Good skin requires commitment and love yourself no matter what. It’s what’s inside that counts.

In your words, what does it mean to be a Glow Getter?

Someone who is dedicated to getting the job done. Someone who is not afraid to think outside the box. Take the risk you never know what could’ve been if you don’t take the chance.


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    Janet Jones

    I have invested in all the products you mentioned, now I know how to use them thanks to you. Could I ask your opinion on the PRP micro needling and basic micro needling.?

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